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Belt tensioning tool€43,39  Add to cart 
BELT TENSION GAUGE This compact designed tool is used to assist in properly adjusting secondary belt tension with a 10 lb.. specification. Tool has an easy to read scale. Use on all rear belt driven O.E.M. or aftermarket motorcycles.
Buell and Sportster Pulley lock tool€162,00  Add to cart 
Jims Pulley Lock Tool Use this tool to lock the final drive sprocket when removing and installing the sprocket nut. Use on all Sportsters® 1991-present (28T and 29T only). Use on all Buell tube frame models 1994-2002 (28T and 29T only).
Buell Sportster XR1200 XB Clutch spring€44,00  Add to cart 
Sportster XR1200 Clutch spring ( 360 LBS ) for all Sportster (91 & later) and Buell (91-02 ) performance upgrade for XR1200 ( X ) ( stock spring = 320 LBS ) performance upgrade for Buell Xb 2006-up (stock spring = 320 LBS )
XR 1200 28 teeth pully OEM replacement BlackOn request 
This light weight pulley replaces stock, made of aluminium billet drive pulley temperate and surface hardened.Black Annodised Special steel galvanised inner part changeable Totally stainless, reduced weigh +/- 650 gram
Clutch spring retaining ring Buell Sportster€7,50  Add to cart 
Clutch spring retaining ring Buell Sportster replacement part for Oem number 37872-90 for all Buell Tube frame models for all Buell XB models for all Sportster models for all XR1200 ( X ) models
Buell XB, XL, XR1200 gearbox shaft retaining ring€1,65  Add to cart 
Buell, XL , gearbox shaft retaining ring Sold per piece Buell All models 1995-2010 XL al models XR1200 ( X )all models ( replacement part for OEM part number 11067 )
XR1200 , bearing belt pully idler€13,80  Add to cart 
XR1200 , bearing belt pully idler replacement bearing for the Oem Belt idler pully 1 x needed sold per piece
LSL, Foot pegs Racing Black€32,00  Add to cart 
LSL, Foot pegs Racing, Precision machined, Light weight Aluminium, with profile and plastic end cap To be used with All LSL peg adaptors Color Black sold as set ( 2 X footpeg ) adaptors for Tube Frame buell and XR1200 adaptors for XB front / rider adaptors for XB rear / passenger
Twin Motorcycles XR1200 cruise gearing kit€305,38  Add to cart 
Twin Motorcycles, Cruise gearing kit for all XR1200 models and years. After many request, wemade a kitto Lower your Cruise RPM on your XR1200. The Normal US/ Euro XR1200 gearing will make about 4150 RPM @ 120 km/h / 75 Mph With this cruise gearing you will drop about 450 Rpm at the same speed in 5th gear. So cru...
Cometic, Primary cover gasket XL 04-up, XR1200€20,15  Add to cart 
CometicPrimary cover gasket for XL 04-up, All XR1200 2008- upmodels sold per piece
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