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XR 1200 Risers Block, rear suspention€170,00  Add to cart 
XR 1200 Risers Block, rear suspension Although the XR1200 may be sporty by H-D standards, it is still a long way from being and handling like a modern sports bike. When the XR1200 race bikes were developed in Europe, they came up with the idea of using solid spacer blocks to raise the rear ride height by around 2'...
Jims, Roller rocker arm set 1.745 ratioOn request 
JIMS® now offers Roller Rocker Arms in a 1.745 rocker ratio JIMS® 1.745 ratio rockers are designed to work with JIMS® other valve train components and function with JIMS® total valve train system. Cast from 4340 chromoly and then heat treated for maximum strength. Designed to be u...
NGK, DCPR9EIX High performance Iridium€19,00  Add to cart 
NGK, DCPR9EIX High performance Iridium sold per piece, for Buell XB series and HD XR1200 Iridium IX Spark Plugs are the most technologically advanced high performance plugs available. Featuring a 0.6 mm iridium center electrode tip, they offer superior ignitability without sacrificing durability. The tapered ground electrod...
Magura blood, mineral Hydrolic fluid 1 liter€29,81  Add to cart 
Magura blood, mineral Hydrolic fluid 1 liter to refill and service the Hydraulic clutch systems
Magura, Hydro clutch XR/ XL black kitOn request 
Magura Hydraulic Clutch Conversion, XR /XL models 80 inch / cut to lenght oil ine this Magura hydraulic clutch kit offers very smooth feeling and consistent light operation. Kits are easy to install with the included instructions, providing you with a 40% easier to operate clutch system The master cylinder has a design that...
XR1200 2009-2010 stock ECM + TM fuel map€799,00  Add to cart 
We are famous for remapping the Buell ECM's world wide, and Now When Buell stopped focused on the XR1200, We can only say seriuous bike after A good fuell and Ignitionmap. We will have a lot of setups available in the future, the only thing we first have too do is test every setup on the dyno. So this can take in the beginn...
GSG, XR1200 ( X ) REAR axle crash protection€48,00  Add to cart 
GSG, XR1200 rear axle crash protection to protect the swingarm and rearaxle with a crash
GSG, XR1200 ( X ) front axle crash protection€43,00  Add to cart 
XR1200 and XR1200X front axle crash protection to protect the front fork with a crash Please note the original axle need to be drilled a little bigger ( left side only )to 6,2 mm
GSG, XR1200 engine crash protection, Black€189,00  Add to cart 
GSG, XR1200 engine crash protection, colour Black annodised with black crash pads fits only Stock exhaust, ore stock like exhaust systems ( front header pipe clearance ) ISNOTFITTING: Supertrapp, V&H full system. Free Spirits Full exhaust system, QD, Full exhaust system.TH full system
GSG, XR1200 crash protection engine€167,41  Add to cart 
GSG, Engine crash protectors kit, colour natural, ( crash pads black )
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