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narrow band 18 mm O2 sensor€60,21  Add to cart 
narrow band 18 mm O2 sensor replacement for OEM Numbers: 27719-07 for XL 2007-2013 and canbe used on XR 2007-2013 models Precision manufactured with a ceramic body made of stabilized zirconium dioxide, surface coated with gas-permeable platinum electrodes and a porous ceramic to help prevent erosion due to conta...
LTX14 CNT Lithium battery€119,00  Add to cart 
Shido LTX14 cnt replacement battey for all Xb, 1125 or XB models PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Take advantage of the first ever SMART battery technology. Connect your Android or Apple Smartphone over Bluetooth with the new SHIDO CONNECT LiFePO4 start battery and stay informed on the health of your Lithium Battery. Shid...
Twin Air Bio Pack - 1ltr (Oil+Cleaner)€25,54  Add to cart 
Twin Air Bio Pack - 1ltr (Oil+Cleaner) cleaning and recharge kit for Twin Air foam filter As used in the HPA XR1200 air filter box
Pre-Oiled Air Filter Twin Motorcycles XR1200 HPA€20,95  Add to cart 
Pre-Oiled Air Filter Twin Motorcycles XR1200 HPA only to use with the hpa airbox and matching grill holder cleaning and recharge kit can be found hereTwin Air Bio Pack - 1ltr (Oil+Cleaner)
Cable ties 200 mm long,black ( 7,95 inch ) ( x1 )€0,20  Add to cart 
Cable ties 200 mm long,black ( 7,95 inch ) ( x1 )
cable ties T18R 100 mm x 2,5 mm black ( 1x ) €0,10  Add to cart 
cable ties T18R 100 mm x 2,5 mm black ( 1x ) sold a piece
Buell rollers bearing startermotor clutchOn request 
Roller bearing starter clutch used on S1,S2,S3,X1 Rollers, startermotor clutch gear for all XB, XL and tube frame models, sold per piece ( 5 needed forone startermotor )
Buell XB and XR1200 fork seal kit 43MM€26,95  Add to cart 
Front fork seal kit for all 43 mm XB and XR1200 front legs includes 2 x Oil seal and 2 x Dust seal m2
Optimate Lithium charger€61,00  Add to cart 
The OptiMate Lithium 0.8A 4S charges LiFePO4 / LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) 4-series batteries with nominal voltage of 12.8V – 13.2V. Special features: Saves low voltage LiFePO4 batteries Specialized LiFePO4 charge cycle Maintains & protects LiFePO4 batteries Battery BMS reset. CHARGING ...
Replacement filter Airhorn intake€87,00  Add to cart 
Replacement filter Airhorn intake for the Free Spirits intake systems 204010 and 204020
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