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TM XR1200 triple tree kit for cliponOn request 
Here is the TwinMotorcycles Triple Tree Kit for replacement with the stockXR12100triple trees and Fork legs. This kit is the triple tree. headlight bracket and speedo bracket clip ons are sold separatly foroption normal handle bars Then you need to buy this Triple Tree Very nice aluminium top and bottom triple ...
TM XR1200 Raisers Blocks, rear suspensionOn request 
Twin Motorcycles own developed rear suspension risers for the XR1200 AND XR1200X. The XR1200 is when it comes from the factory, more a HDbike then a Buell. It is not handeling like a modern sport bike. When mounting this raisers the rear passenger foortpegs need to be removed. If you are using the stock or aftermarket...
Ohlins XR1200 Race Rear shock absorber kit€1.350,00  Add to cart 
Öhlins AB Road & Track Shock Absorbers Type S36PR1C1LB for Harley Davidson XR1200 as used in Cup races. fits all XR1200models. 415 mm length +5/-5 mm lenght adjustment, (Oem lenght360 mm )sold in pairs. Ever since starting out in 1976, the focus for Öhlins Racing AB has been on bec...
XR1200 2007-2009 Progressive fork spring kit€182,00  Add to cart 
Progressive front spring kit XR1200 please order oil with the product W 5 1 liter. Only fit's 2007-2009 models XR1200.
XR1200 Steering damper mounting kit€185,00  Add to cart 
Steering damper mounting kit XR1200X Black mounting clamps, used to mount the 120 stroke Hyperpro damper. Available in different colors please mention when ordering. - black, red, blue, silver, gold. This part is the mounting kit only, you need to order the Damper seperately
Bitubo, XR 1200 Twin shock absorbersOn request 
Pair of rear shock absorbers with separate tank, compensated by pressurized gas (Nitrogen). Specific calibration for each motorcycle model. Shock absorber body in high resistance steel alloy, with head in aluminium alloy fashioned from a single block by CNC Machine. Adjustability: - Micrometric metal ring for spring preload...
Bitubo, XR 1200 Twin shock absorbers wmeOn request 
Twin shocks mono-chamber type, nitrogen pressurized with a oil/gas separating piston, specifically designed for individual models of motorcycles. Shock body in high resistance steel alloy, both upper and lower attachments fully CNC machined from the top quality billet aluminium alloy. Features include spring preload with th...
Bitubo, XR1200 Twin shock absorbers€348,00  Add to cart 
Twin shock absorbers mono-chamber type, with a oil/gas separating piston, nitrogen pressurized. Shock body in high resistance steel alloy, both upper and lower attachments fully CNC machined from the top quality billet aluminium alloy. ADJUSTER: spring preload with micrometric adjustment ring.
Hyperpro, XR1200X combi Spring kit, front & rear€307,00  Add to cart 
Hyperpro, XR1200X 2010- combi Spring kit, front & rear pakkage deal, Front and Rear Progressive Spring kit. please specify the rear spring colour when ordering ( Black or purple ) kit contains; Front fork oil, 2 x Progressive front fork spring 2 x Progressive rear spring mounting instuctions Hyper pro Cap
HyperPro, XR1200X Rear Spring kit€125,00  Add to cart 
HyperPro, XR1200X Rear Spring kit Progressive rear springs for the Original shocks, colour options Black or purple please specify colour when odering.
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