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Buell XB, Clutch cover with gasket€68,00  Add to cart 
Buell XB, Clutch cover with gasket. Fit's all Buell XB models from 2003-2010, replaces the old 2002-2003 plastic cover for this stronger version, and become standard after 2003 on all models.
Oil drain plug, XB, XL 04- and XR1200€9,40  Add to cart 
Oil drain plug, XB, XL 04- and XR1200 Oil drain plug comes with O-ring for gearbox orengine. ( swingarm ) all Buell XB9 and Buell XB12 models from 2002-2010. all XL 04 and up models gearbox all XR1200 (X ) models 2008 and up Sold per piece. replacement for 60328-98B
Buell Oil pressure switch€14,80  Add to cart 
Buell Oil pressure switch Buell S1,S2,S3,M2,S3, X1, (all tube frame models ) Buell XB9/12 all models Oil pressure switch Sportster all models XR1200 X all models OEM partnumer 26554-77B - 26554-77
Buell XB9-XB12 03-07 OEM 6 row oil cooler€277,50  Add to cart 
Buell XB9 and XB12 models original6 row oil cooler fits all XB9 and XB12 models from 2003 till 2007 model year. OEM part number Q0002.02A8 obsolete parts, please ask for availebilaty before ordering
Buel XB 9/12 03-09 Fuel Pump Pressure Regulator€35,00 €25,00  Add to cart 
Buel XB 9/12 2003-2009 Fuel Pump Pressure Regulator Buell, Fuel presure regulator, comes with O-rings Used on the following models Buell THUNDERBOLT S3(T) - 2000-2002 FIREBOLT XB12R - 2004-2009 FIREBOLT XB9R - 2003-2007 LIGHTNING XB12Scg - 2005-2009 LIGHTNING XB12Ss - 2006-2009 LIGHTNING XB9SX - 2005-2009 LIG...
LTX14 CNT Lithium battery€119,00  Add to cart 
Shido LTX14 cnt replacement battey for all Xb, 1125 or XB models PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Take advantage of the first ever SMART battery technology. Connect your Android or Apple Smartphone over Bluetooth with the new SHIDO CONNECT LiFePO4 start battery and stay informed on the health of your Lithium Battery. Shid...
Ngk spark plug DCPR9E Buell XB XR1200 ( x1 )€8,00  Add to cart 
NGK spark plug type DCPR9E,For allBuell XB models and XR1200 and Sportster and XL models. We change them on the Buell XB and XR1200 and Sportsterevery maintenace interval 8000KM or 5000 Miles Sold per piece you need to order 2. recommanded gap size 0,9 mm / 0,035 inch replacement for HD 10R12 spark plugs
Buell XB 9/12 primairy cover repair service€156,60  Add to cart 
Buell XB 9/12 2003-2010primairy cover repair service for all Buell models. [KIT-PARTS] The clutch mechanism can be a problem on the Buell XBmodels. The lip breaks out the cover, leaving you with a not working clutch, and in the worst case breaking of clutch hub fingers. We are selling the DMFMachining repair kit ( as ...
Buell XB9/12 2003-2010 DMF Clutch repair kit€114,00  Add to cart 
A known problem on the XB models is thatthe lip on the primairy cover breaks. Normally you need to replace it with a expensive new cover. The DMFrepair kit we offer as a exclusive distribitor in Europe for DMFMachining and will fit for all BuellXB 9/12 models from 2003-2010.We are glad we can offer the DMF repair kit her...
Buell XB repl fastener for cable harness ( 1x)€0,95  Add to cart 
Buell XB replacement fastener for cable harness( 1x ) replacement for OEM number C0033.02A8 Buell XBfasteners forcable harness,to mount the cable harnes plastic guidesrunning on the inside of the Buell XB frames. Fit's onall Buell XB9 and XB12models. sold per piece
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