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replacement Spring Free Spirits XB belt tensioner€11,00  Add to cart 
replacement Spring Free Spirits XB belt tensioner please check the pivot bearings and arms very good, as the tensioner wheel slams in to the exhaust bracket the center arm can have streched the aluminium pivot hole, and hair cracks in this will make the tensioner not safe to use anymore ( can fail completely )
TM Steel replacement pulley 27 tooth€69,00  Add to cart 
The Twin Motorcycles Steel replacement front pulley 27 tooth. The weight is same as stock only a better quality steel. The outside part is painted black to avoid corrosion. Will fit all XB9 2003- 2010and all XB12 models 2003-2010 Fit's all tube frame Buell models ( US gearing ) Fit's Sportster models 91-200...
XB Pulley Cover Buell 2008 and up (Contrast Cut)€210,00  Add to cart 
XB Pulley Cover Buell 2008 and up (Contrast Cut) Exciting new design of aluminium front pulley cover. Will fit any Buell XB model 2008 up. Available in black. For this kit spare parts are available. Quick and easy to mount does not require any modification. Complete with everything needed for installation.
INSPECTION COVER, chainOn request 
please order514143 as replacement Obsolete part limited supley INSPECTION COVER, chain INSPECTION COVER, chain 96*-S1 INSPECTION COVER, chain 99*-S3 INSPECTION COVER, chain 2000-X1 INSPECTION COVER, chain (polished) 2000*-M2 INSPECTION COVER, clutch (polished) 2000-S3/S3T
Buell XB Pulley cover 06-07 , contrast cut€197,00  Add to cart 
Buell XB Pulley cover 06-07 , contrast cut new design of aluminium front pulley cover from. Will fit XB model years 2006-2007 Black Anodised with Silver high lights Spare parts available for this kit.
Buell Tube frame belt tensioner€269,00  Add to cart 
Buell Tube frame belt tensioner. Belt tensioner developed to compensate lengthen on the drive belt throughout swing-arm movement, the reduced stress and shock loads not only benefit and prevent premature lengthen of the belt but also and above all reduce stress from wheel and gearbox output bearings. Fits all Buell tu...
Buell XB Aluminum pully cover black-Highlight -05€199,00  Add to cart 
Buell XB Aluminum pulley cover black-Highlight for all Xb models 2003-2005
Buell Tube frame 530 O-Ring, 48/23 R/F Chain kitOn request 
Buell Tube frame 95-02 Chain Conversion kits 48-23 with 530 chain for all 95-02 Buell Chain Conversion Kits- includes all items necessary to convert your belt driven Tube frame Buell to Chain Drive. Street riders, use the 530 O-ring chain kit (shown) for maximum durability. Racers, use the 520 non O-ring chain for ...
Buell XR1200 Clutch hub needle bearing€25,00  Add to cart 
Clutch hub needle bearing for allBuell XB 9/12 from 2003-2010 and allXR1200 models from 2008-2013.
Buell shiftershaft Bushing in primairy cover€3,65  Add to cart 
Buell Sportster shifter Bushing used on 883,1000,1200 models. tube frame buell / Blast models and Buell XB 2003-2005 replacement part for Oem number 40520-63
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