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Buell Tube frame 530 O-Ring, 48/23 R/F Chain kit€435,00  Add to cart 
Buell Tube frame 95-02 Chain Conversion kits 48-23 with 530 chain for all 95-02 Buell Chain Conversion Kits- includes all items necessary to convert your belt driven Tube frame Buell to Chain Drive. Street riders, use the 530 O-ring chain kit (shown) for maximum durability. Racers, use the 520 non O-ring chain for ...
Buell XR1200 Clutch hub needle bearing€19,60  Add to cart 
Clutch hub needle bearing for allBuell XB 9/12 from 2003-2010 and allXR1200 models from 2008-2013.
Buell shiftershaft Bushing in primairy cover€2,35  Add to cart 
Buell Sportster shifter Bushing used on 883,1000,1200 models. tube frame buell / Blast models and Buell XB 2003-2005 replacement part for Oem number 40520-63
Redline ATF type D4 transmission fluid, 1 quart€27,00  Add to cart 
Redline ATF type D4 transmission fluid, 1 quart for use in Buell Xb and XR1200 gearboxes with Slipper clutch and Alto carbonite clutch pack and cold sticking problem clutch packs GL-4 gear box oil
Buell Tube frame Sportster inspection cover black€16,30  Add to cart 
Buell Tube frame Sportster primairy chain inspection cover black version replacement part for Oem number 34794-01Y for all Buell Tube frame models 1994-2001 for all Sportster models 1994- 2003
BDL blank pully 61T 1-1/8 wide, 14 mm pitch€349,98  Add to cart 
Blank pully 61 Teeth 1-1/8 wide, 14 mm pitch This blank pully is for custom jobs, to mill for Non Oem wheels to fit with a belt drive. !!! THIS PART IS NOT FITTING ON A STOCK WHEEL Itneeds to be made fitted !! The center hole 50 mm, thebolt holes are 11,6 mm.ET is 82,55 x 5 ( 3,25"x 5 ).
Buell and Sportster Pulley lock tool€158,00  Add to cart 
Jims Pulley Lock Tool Use this tool to lock the final drive sprocket when removing and installing the sprocket nut. Use on all Sportsters® 1991-present (28T and 29T only). Use on all Buell tube frame models 1994-2002 (28T and 29T only).
Buell Tube frame Pulley cover X1, order VINM0580.9On request 
obsolete part please order VINM0580.9 Buell Tube frame Pulley cover X1, S3, M2 2000- for all Buell Tube frame models X1 2000-2001 S3 2000-2002 M2 2000-2002
Buell Sportster XR1200 XB Clutch spring€38,00  Add to cart 
Sportster XR1200 Clutch spring   ( 360 LBS )  for all Sportster (91 & later) and Buell (91-02 ) performance upgrade for XR1200 ( X )  ( stock spring = 320 LBS )  performance upgrade for Buell Xb 2006-up ( stock spring = 320 LBS ) 
Buell tube frame shifter rod end male€18,85  Add to cart 
Old number: 33806-94Y/ limited supley / obsolete part Buell tube frame shifter rod end male THUNDERBOLT - S2 1995/1996 LIGHTNING - S1 1996 - 1998 CYCLONE - M2 1997 -2000 LIGHTNING - X1 1999 - 2000 THUNDERBOLT - S3 1998 - 2000
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