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Buell Tube frame replacement fuel cap saddle€49,00  Add to cart 
Buell Tube frame models aluminium replacement fuel cap saddle. A common problem on the tube frame models Buell isthe fuel cap. The plastic saddle mounting is rounded out,leaving the cap unable to open or close anymore. For this problem we have a Solution, so you don't need to replace your signature numbered fuel cap....
TM Steel replacement pulley 27 tooth€69,00  Add to cart 
The Twin Motorcycles Steel replacement front pulley 27 tooth. The weight is same as stock only a better quality steel. The outside part is painted black to avoid corrosion. Will fit all XB9 2003- 2010 and all XB12 models 2003-2010 Fit's all tube frame Buell models ( US gearing ) Fit's Sportster models 91-2003 re...
Clutch cable replacement boot€4,50  Add to cart 
Clutch cable replacement boot for all Tube frame Buells and all Buelk XB 9/12models and all Sportster and XR1200 models
Buell XB and Buell 1125 axle tool€10,25  Add to cart 
Axle tool for all Buell XB 9/12 and all Buell 1125R and 1125CR models,very usefulltool for your tool box. For all XB and 1125 front and rear wheel and Swing arm axles 2003-2010 size 22mm ( 7/8 ) with 1/2 inch connection
Replacement fuel pump for Buell 1125 all XB 2010€104,00  Add to cart 
Replacement fuel pump for Buell 1125 all models and Buell XB 2010 models The TM008 is a direct replacement fuel pump for all 1125 models and XB 2010 models Fit's allBuell 1125 R and 1125 CR models 2008-2010 models. This is a direct fit pump, that requires no wiring modifications, and contains the correct OEM si...
O-ring kit (4 pieces) for TM intake flange€8,30  Add to cart 
This is a Maintenance kit and comes standard installed in the Intake flange kit CTC-100-30 we developend. When you order the intake flange kit for the first time they come installed. You do not need to order this. We advice to order a extra set of o-rings when ordering this for the first time. So when you need to replace...
Buell Injector inlet filter€2,19  Add to cart 
Buell Injector inlet filter sold per piece, for all XB, 1125 models with Siemens / Dekra injectors ( all Xb 2004 - up and all 1125 models ) O-rings top end bottem ANSU08
Loctite 272 High Temp, High Strenght Red Theadlock€74,00  Add to cart 
Loctite 272 High Temperature, High Strength Red Threadlocker 50ml Bottle Top Pick Loctite® 272™ High Temperature, High Strength Red Threadlocker withstands temperatures to 450°F (200 deg C ). Provides a fast cure on most surfaces, including "as received" fasteners. Recommended for bolts up to 1 1/...
Buell, XR1200X and Sportster injector cleaning€48,00  Add to cart 
Twin Motorcycles delivers in-house injector cleaning. We wrote a article why you should do this and you can read it here: We do this for all Tube frame Buells, Buell XB and Buell 1125 models and for all XR1200 and Sportster models. The price is for cleaning 2 injectors. - We first clean them regular - Then we clean them ...
Buell M2,S1,S2,S3 electronic ignition system rotor€13,95  Add to cart 
Buell M2,S1,S2,S3 electronic ignition system rotor, trigger replacement part for Oem number 32402-83 Used on the following models: Buell M2 1997-2002 Buell S1 1996-1998 Buell S2 1995-1996 Buell S3 1997-1998
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