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Buell XB, Tube, Sportster, XR1200 exhaust stud(1x)€3,55  Add to cart 
Buell XB, Buell Tube, Sportster, XR1200 , stud for Exhaust port. Fits all Buell models, All Sportster models. Price is for 1 piece, OEM partnumber 16715-83
Buell XB 9/12 003-2010 Soft clutch€84,00  Add to cart 
Buell XB 9/12 003-2010 Soft clutch developed to reduce effort required to pull clutch on all new Buell XB model This extension ramp lever, reduce effort by 40% and still disengaged completely the clutch Fast and easy to mount doesn't required any modification.
Exhaust port gasket for all Buell and HD models€6,00  Add to cart 
tapered Exhaust gaskets for all Buell XB and Tube frame models, allXR1200 and XR1200Xmodels and all Sportster models. Price is for 1 piece, you need 2 of them. oem part number 65324-83B
BUELL, Chrome oil filter Long , Tube model€12,50  Add to cart 
BUELL Tube model Chrome Oil filter long model, for more oil. not to be adviced with the use off a Oil cooler adaptor replacement for 63813-90
Buell XB 9/12 new model belt tensioner Black€230,00  Add to cart 
Buell XB9/12 R/S new model belt tensioner Silver. Fit's all Buell XB models. The stock Buell belt tensioner is designed to keep the belt under constant tension, except it does not! When the suspension is completely unloaded, such as when pulling stoppies or even braking hard, the tension is increased to an alarming d...
Buell Rearlight for S1-M2 en X1On request 
Original Rear light with prism-reflector and integrated registration plate light, fixing collets and dimensions are identically to the original rear light of all models up to model year 2002. Particularly after the modification of the rear, resp. when the aluminium rear R001 is used, the original rear light is clearly jutti...
werkplaats tarief per uur€75,00  Add to cart 
uren bestemd voor declaratie
Buell, Umbrella valve canckcase breather€1,10  Add to cart 
Buell, Umbrella valve canckcase breather. Paraplu klepje carter ontluchting, Tube frame models sold per piece replacement for Oem number 26856-89
Buell Tube Frame High Performance clutch set€192,00  Add to cart 
High Performance Clutch Kit for allTube frame Buell models 1997 - 2002 Buell modellsand Sportser models till 1991 untill 2013,and EXTRA PLATE KIT (10 Friction & 9 Steel plate ) we advice to use Redline D4 gearbox oil for this clutch ALTO KRYPTONITE CLUTCH KIT
Buell and XR1200 very Light Muller Clutch€156,50  Add to cart 
Buell and XR1200 /and XR1200X and XL very Light Clutch Muller This Clutch provides smoother and easy clutch lever operation. The power clutch system reduced the attended force to the clutch lever about 40%. Easy to install. Fits at all Buell models 97 - to present. And XL94- up and XR1200 2008 to present. Comes complete ...
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