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Buell XB S/R 04-2010 rear shock absorber performan€899,00  Add to cart 
Buell XB S-R models03-2010rear shock absorber with high and low speedadjustments. Buell XB12S, XB12R, XB9R, XB9S, XB9SX Year: 03-2010 The TFX 131 mono shock absorber has a remote fluid reservoir that is connected to the shocks’ body by a flexible hose. It is mainly used for motorcycles with a limited space. Th...
Buell and Sportster K&N air filterOn request 
Buell and Sportster K&Nair filter for the old Style Hurrican air filter kits. Fit's on all Tube Buell models 96-98 Buell S1, 97-02 Buell M2, 97-98 Buell S3/S3T (carburated models) that has a Hurrican airfilter kit installed. and the "Ham" Can filter Also fits on Sportster 1982Sportster XLHAand the...
Buell 1125R and 1125CR Rear shock absorberOn request 
Buell 1125R and 1125CR Rear shock absorber. Soon we have our rear shocks ready forthe Buell 1125R and 1125CR. We will deliver a lifetime warranty when the maintenance is done on the shocks every 2 year. We will deliver rider specific wishes. Soon more info about delivery and prices. We will be making them for the Buell...
Buell M2,X1,S1,S2,S3 rear shock 38cm = 14,9 inch€655,00  Add to cart 
TMTUBEBUELLSHOCK ABSORBER. with E-mark / ABE / TUV aproval PLEASE mention you Buell model when ordering This is for the38 CM or 14,9 inch eye to eye lenght shock absorber. We only except orders when the lenght is measured from front center shock eye to rear center shock eye.Here you can find our LONGMODEL REARSHOCK.Th...
Buell XB 05-10 progressive front spring kit€131,00  Add to cart 
Hyperpro progressive front spring set with oil, for all * Buell XB9 and Buell XB12 models from 2005 till 2010. * except XB12 SS , STT, X, Xt and Scg
Chrome Kickstand-Jiffy Stand Spring€3,50  Add to cart 
Buell and Sportster Chrome Kickstand or Jiffy Stand Spring. Fit's on 1991-2012 Sporster XL models, 1995- 2007 Buell Models. OEM. part. number 50005-85A.
Loctite 243 Blue, thread locker 50 cc€50,75  Add to cart 
Loctite 243 Blue, threadlocker 50 cc bottle. We use this Locktide for the most bolt's on your Buell to prevent from falling of. don't leave home with out.
Buell and Sportster Chrome-plated hex headbolts€53,00  Add to cart 
Buell Tube, Buell XBand Sportster Chrome-plated hex head cover hides dull 12-point headbolts Easy setscrew installation Sold in 4-pk.
Buell and Sportster exhaust flange kit '84-2011On request 
Buell XB, Buell Tube, all Sportster from 19984-2012 exhaust flange kit, including the retaining clips. 1 set is needed.
Buell and Sportster Exhaust port studs and Nuts€24,00  Add to cart 
Buell XB and Tube, XR1200 and SportsterExhaust port studs and Nuts. Kit includes four zinc-plated studs and four chrome-plated flanged nuts. - fit's 1984-2002 Buell Tube models - Fit's 2002-2010 Buell XB Models - fit's 1984-2012 big Twins - fit's 1986-2012 Sportsters
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