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Force Winder X2 replacement filter€110,00  Add to cart 
K&N Force winder X2 replacement filter replacement filter for Forcewinder intake systems with Fuel injection with opening for breather and intake air temp sensor
replacement footrest cover , rubber€3,75  Add to cart 
replacement footrest cover , rubber ( 1x ) for the S1 ,S3 models old round model foot peg rubber Rubber driver pegs with zinc-plated steel inserts replacement for OEM 50646-82
Facom 3/8 drive socket size E14€12,04  Add to cart 
Facom 3/8 drive socket size E14 for 1125 -1190 EBR head bolts
Buell XB repl fastener for cable harness ( 1x)€0,95  Add to cart 
Buell XB replacement fastener for cable harness( 1x ) replacement for OEM number C0033.02A8 Buell XBfasteners forcable harness,to mount the cable harnes plastic guidesrunning on the inside of the Buell XB frames. Fit's onall Buell XB9 and XB12models. sold per piece
Twin Air Bio Pack - 1ltr (Oil+Cleaner)€25,54  Add to cart 
Twin Air Bio Pack - 1ltr (Oil+Cleaner) cleaning and recharge kit for Twin Air foam filter As used in the HPA XR1200 air filter box
Buell XBS throttle cable kit OEM fitting€102,00  Add to cart 
Buell replacementthrottle cable kit OEM fitting. Fit's allXB12S , XB12Scg, XB12SS, XB12Stt, XB9S, XB9SL , XB9S./ 1x pull cable 1 x push cable for Oem replacement XB12S , XB12Scg, XB12SS, XB12Stt, XB9S, XB9SL , XB9Sx 2003-2007 models years
Universal throttle cable kit 6MM outer, 1.35M€19,95  Add to cart 
Universal throttle cable kit 6MM outer, 1.35M long ( 1x ) can be used as push or pull cable High quality universal throttle cable kit includes 1.35m of standard black conduit with Teflon liner, 1.6m of inner wire and selection of fittings. One end of the inner wire is fitted with a carburettor nipple (EE7). The other ...
ATE brake cylinder mounting paste 180 gr€20,60  Add to cart 
ATE brake cylinder paste is used for repair, assembly and conservation of hydraulic brake components, It is applied thinly and evenly to cylinder sleeves, pistons and seals. (Assembly of Brake calipers, Master cylinder etc). - ATE brake cylinder paste is compatible with DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 brake fluids.A - ATE br...
Repair kit for Oil drain plug XB , gearbox Tube fr€47,78  Add to cart 
Repair kit for Oil drain plug XB includes magnetic drain plug OS and tap to repair pulled out threads on your swing arm , or any other place with drain plug 60328-98B put some thick grease on the tap to catch the burs , flush and clean after tapping before you fill with oil again
Replacement Oil dip stick tube frame€8,45  Add to cart 
Replacement Oil dip stick tube frame models replacement for all tube frame models 62565-96Y , Q0111.9Q please note level markings can be off , healty advice for tube frame buell models , is keeping the oil level about 3/4 in the oil tank so the head breathers will not spit to much oil
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