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TQ hammer XB, spoiler bracket small right sideOn request 
please order TM641010 Twin Motorcycles Torque Hammer XB, spoiler bracket small right side. Twin Motorcycles made a Spoiler bracket for our Torque Hammer exhaust that exist out of 3 pieces. 1 left piece and 2 left pieces. This can be used for any exhaust system. The 3 part numbers for the complete chin spoiler k...
Magnetic tray for Bolt's and nuts€31,00  Add to cart 
Magnetic tray for Bolt's and nutsvery handy for tools and parts rectangular size 280 x 114 x 65 mm
Motion Pro Rocker cover Wrench Sportster Buell€18,32  Add to cart 
Motion Pro Rocker cover Wrench for Sportster and Buell S1,S2, S3, M2, X1, and older Tube frame models. This tool is for thehard to reach rockercover screws size 3/16" 3/8" wrench can be used to connect a Torque wrench
Buell 1125R 1125CR Clutch Slave Cylinders€170,00  Add to cart 
Buell 1125R and 1125CR aftermarket Clutch Slave Cylinders with lifetime warranty.Fits all Buell 1125R and 1125CR models from 2008-2010 and EBR models the slave cylinder comes complete with crush washers for the hydraulic line , al you need exstra is brake fluid Replacement clutch slave cylinder for the Buell 1125R and...
Buell 1125 Clutch Slave Cap 2009-2010On request 
Buell 1125R and 1125CROberon Performance engine protection cap This product will replace the original item by simply clipping in place, the original cap should pop off with little gentle prising from underneath. The Oberon cap is held in place with a 3mm Nitile 'O' ring, the cap also has a small breather hole so any...
Buell S3 S3T and X1 Fuel Pump 1999-2002On request 
Buell X1S3 S3T complete fuel pump sytem.Fits all: 1999-2000-2001-2002 Buell X1 S3 S3T models.OEM limited supply replaces partnumbers; 62199-99Y , 62199-99YA, 62199-99YB P0130.KC P131.K
Buell Aluminium 26T Teeth pulleyOn request 
Buell tube frame models and Sportser Aluminium Race Pulley 26 Tooth made out off 7075-T-651 Aluminium, the 26 tooth pulley is designed for race applications, and will wear out very quickly on the road !!! 8000 KM 2 Lbs ( +/- 1 Kg ) lighter than stock
Buell 1125 R/CR High performance clutch kit€299,00  Add to cart 
Buell 1125R and 1125CR 2008-2010 all models.High performance clutch kit. This kit consists of 9 friction plates, 10 steel plates, set off 6 x heavy duty springs. The Clutch springs are shorter than Original but 12% stonger at working height, installation and torque spec's are the same asstock. For a good working of t...
Buell and Sportster TM New Style Intake Flange€95,00  Add to cart 
Look here for install Twin Motorcycles developed and tested from 2010 a new style intake manifold flange that will leak les then the original style Buell and Sportser intake flange. More can be read here about the development and testing the product here This will fit on all Buell Tube Frame and Buell XB models2003- 2...
Midlock, feeler gauge set 1125€12,00  Add to cart 
Midlock, feeler gauge set 12 piece feeler gouge setunder a 45 deg. angle ideal for 1125measuring valve play size indications in mm and inch sizes in holder; .002" , 0.051 mm .003", 0.076 mm .004" , 0.102 mm .006" , 0.152 mm .008", 0.203 mm .010", 0.254 mm 0.012&quo...
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