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Oil filter key band€21,00  Add to cart 
Oil filter key band type. for removing the oil filter on Buell XB models. We us this in our workshop too.
Buell XB Pingel vacuum line cap€1,50  Add to cart 
Buell XB Pingel vacuum line cap to plug the BuellXB cali connection on the manifold.
James rebuild kit CV carb.€43,00  Add to cart 
James rebuild kit CV carb. rebuild gasket kit for all Buell CV carbs.
Tirepro digital tire gauge, always the right pres.€19,64  Add to cart 
With the Cruz tools TirePro Digital Gauge you always have the right pressure in your tires. Also to check after you used a gasoline station with a non calibrated air system. The TirePro Digital Tire Gauge is ideal for your Buell, XR1200 or Sportsterto use, with a large display and accuracy over a wide range of pressure l...
K&N, rain protector RU-1810 filter€36,00  Add to cart 
K&N, rain protector RU-1810 filter Part RU-1240PK Product Specifications Product Style: Filter Wrap - Oval Straight Wrap Type: Precharger Color:Black Material Used: Polyester Inside Width: 3.75 in (95 mm) Inside Length: 4.5 in (114 mm) Height: 7 in (178 mm) Closed Top: Yes Weight: 0.1 lb...
K&N Big Airblow replacement filter€58,00  Add to cart 
K&N , Big Airblow replacement filter Part RU-1810 Product Specifications Product Style: Oval Straight Universal Air Filter Flange Inside Diameter: 2.438 in (62 mm) Flange Length: 0.625 in (16 mm) Flange Type: Centered Height: 7 in (178 mm) Outside Length: 4.5 in (114 mm) Outside Width: 3.75 in (95 mm) Top Style: Rubber ...
Buel dust seal set steering head bearing€6,00  Add to cart 
Buel S1, S2, S3, S3T, M2, X1, Blast Dust seal for steering head bearing.Buell tube frame models ( top and bottem ) sold as set off 2 pieces.
Buell and XR1200, XL Clutch ramp bearing€15,40  Add to cart 
Buell and XR1200 Eastern XL Clutch ramp bearing for all Buell XB models and all tube frame models , icl. XL and XR modles.
Bike Lift, Rear wheel lifter hook adaptors€18,00  Add to cart 
Bike Lift, Rear wheel lifter hook adaptors for Bobbins ( stock 1125 2009 -2010 models ) to use with the Bike lift rear wheel lifter
Tecmate, waterproof charger connecting cord€5,00  Add to cart 
Tecmate, Optimate waterproof charger connecting cord, Standard 15A fuse in sealed fuse-holder. AWG#18 UL / CSA approved SPT-2 cable. Large ring lugs. Hook up your battery quickly & easily when not in use. Keep your connector clean when riding by closing rubber cap
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