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Buell XB, 1125 bolt for mounting front brake discOn request 
Buell XB and 1125R and CR bolt for mounting the front brake disk to the wheel. Sold per piece, you need 6 of them. Used on the following models: 1125R - (1125R) - 2008-2010 1125CR 2009-2010 BLAST - (Blast) - 2004-2010 FIREBOLT - (XB12R) - 2009 FIREBOLT - (XB12R) - 2010 FIREBOLT XB12R - 2004-2008 F...
Buell XB and 1125, FRONT brake disc with TUV€190,00  Add to cart 
Galfer and Twin Motorcycles signed a worldwide exclusive partnership agreement to offer and develop worldwide the best solutions for brake systems for Buell and give future warranty and the best safety and comfort when ridingan exclusive brand as BUELL deserves. The reason for doing this is because Twin Motorcycles is drive...
Buell Ebc front disk , XB-1125 models€159,66  Add to cart 
Buell Ebc front disk , XB-1125 models Buell 1125CR 2009-2010 1125R 2008-2010 XB12R Firebolt 2004-2010 XB12S Lightning 2004-2010 XB12Ss Lightning Long 2006 XB12X Ulysses 2006-2010 XB9R Firebolt 2002-2007 XB9S Lightning 2003-2010 with ABE
Brake light switch M10 x 1 thread€11,58  Add to cart 
Banjo ( single brake line ) with switch M10x1 threath ( brembo ) for use on Brembo brake / clutch cylinders
Buell replacment brake light switch M10x1.25€25,87  Add to cart 
Buell replacement banjo brake light switch m10x1.25 Brake pressure switch. If you don't use the original brake light switch anymore. For Example in combination with a new front brake mastercylinder (radial) or if it is broken and you need replacement for a better part. for all stock brake mastercylinders (not f...
ATE brake cylinder mounting paste 180 gr€20,60  Add to cart 
ATE brake cylinder paste is used for repair, assembly and conservation of hydraulic brake components, It is applied thinly and evenly to cylinder sleeves, pistons and seals. (Assembly of Brake calipers, Master cylinder etc). - ATE brake cylinder paste is compatible with DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 brake fluids.A - ATE br...
Brake line kit front 1125 CR€44,00  Add to cart 
Brake line kit front buell 1125 CR superbike bar Hel performance brakeline kits comes with stainles banjo ( specify color ) stainles banjo bolts and crush washers ( bolts are natural stainless version only ) rugged pvc coating ( specify color ) all lines are based on original routing / replacement specify colors...
Buell XB, 1125, 1190 Front brake mounting kit€156,00  Add to cart 
Buell XB,1125 complete Front brake rotor mount kit.Fit's all Buell XB models and all Buell 1125 Models. stock on the later 1190 models This kit replaces the stock front brake rotor mounting hardware. This mounting system increases the rotor to wheel contact, which improves the heat dissipating characteristics of the ...
EBR Finned Brake Rotor front 5mm€433,00  Add to cart 
EBR 1190 Finned Brake Rotor front5mm. Will fit all 1125R and 1125CR models 2008-2010 and all Buell XB 9/12 2003-2010 models. best to use with the fixed mounting kit CQ0001.11AZ This is the latest and greatest in rotor tech from EBR! Finned design provides better cooling and a longer lifecycle compared to its drille...
Buell brake fluid reservoir BLUE€78,00  Add to cart 
Rizoma fluid reservoir Next This reservoir is best used on the rear brake. It does not have a sight window. Capacity: 12ml Height: 42mm Diameter: 29X48mm Oval This reservoir comes with a mounting clamp that wraps around the reservoir and can use an existing mounting point for most bikes rear brakes. Available ...
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