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ECMSPY USB programming cable€39,00  Add to cart 
Twin MotorcyclesUSB programming cable forDiagnose your Buell or program the ECM on the Dyno or Remoto programming by us. For use with ECM SPY on all Buell Models. The cable will work on all BuellXB and 1125 stock ECM's. Be sure to put a Battery charger on th ebike when diagnosing or when we remote program your Buell....
Dyno Buell ECM all models until 2007€650,00  Add to cart 
We remap all Buell Models on the DYNO. We do this for all kind of setups: Different header size Different slip-ons (exhaust systems) Different airbox setups. The price is for remapping your ECM, (original or Race ECM) double check of the Fuell map on our Dyno and a nice dynograph with A/F and horsepower. You have to bring y...
Buell Race ECM XB12 till 2007 modelsOn request 
32620-03Y, Buell Race ECM, for all Buell XB12 04-2007 models, We can also program the ECM with a good Fuel map of us. You only have to reset the TPS at a official dealer RACE ecm are no longer for sale, we can provide you with a replacement ecm with matching fuel map to your needs Y0152.3A8A
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