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Micro, cat LED light for RRC X400 tail€42,00  Add to cart 
Micro Cat EyeLED taillight with clear glass and integrated license plate light. The license plate light is also with. And when you brake the brake light is RED. This one can be an alternative to the standard tail light version of the cat eye tail lights (red glass 12V / 21-5W light) and can be mounted to all Buell rear s...
Kellermann, rigid mount micro indicators€7,90  Add to cart 
Kellermann, rigid mount micro indicators special rigid mounts to replace the rubber mounts on the original Micro indicators sold per piece
Kellermann, Extension 25mm Black€2,87  Add to cart 
Kellermann, Extension 25mm Black for use with the Kellermann micro series sold per piece
Kellermann rubber mount replacement 40 mm€9,00  Add to cart 
Kellermann, flexible silent-rubber fixation, with 40mm M8 fastening screw thread. Protects the micro 1000 against motor vibration. sold per piece
Buell Tube model Clear Tail light LED€41,00  Add to cart 
Buell Tube model Clear Tail light Clear alternative Tail light for the Buell X1, M2, S1 and Blast. Pre-assembled complete tail light for your tube Buell with integrated LED light
Buell, Indicator Left front or Right rearOn request 
Please order7061872 Buell, directional indicator Left front, right rear. Used on the following models: 2003 FIREBOLT - XB9R 2003 FIREBOLT - (XB12R) - 2009 FIREBOLT XB12R - (1203cc) - 2004-2008 FIREBOLT XB9R - (984cc) - 2004-2007 LIGHTNING - (XB12Scg) - 2009 LIGHTNING - (XB12Ss) - 2009 LIGHTNING - (XB9SX) - 20...
Cover plate, indicator hole , black XB€23,21  Add to cart 
Cover plates to finish the detailing when mounting one hole indicator lights , like kellermann indicators color black
Hazard / warning light module€64,00  Add to cart 
Warning light module A simple solution to Hazard / Warning lights on your Motorcycle Just connect the modules 4 wires to your tail light and directional indicators and with the flick off the indicator switch you will have all indicator lights flashing To activate the hazard / warning light function just push the directional...
Micro L.A. Taillight led€34,00  Add to cart 
Micro L.A. Taillight LED, ec approved dimensions of the body 100mm x 33 mm for customizing
Indicator lights ( 2x ) for X1 undertray€24,34  Add to cart 
Indicator lights ( 2x ) for the Twin Motorcycles X1 undertray comes with fittings and bulbs
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