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XR1200, Buell X1 steering damper RED COLOR€225,00  Add to cart 
XR1200 and Buell X1 steering damper solid black Linear Steering damper, stroke 120. NOHARDWAREKITINCLUDEDTHISISONLYTHEDAMPER colour stroke 120 to be used for the Buell X1 and XR1200 steering damper mounting set ...Your bike reacts the way you'd hope for. You are riding through the mountains and the road surface is di...
replacement Grips 22 mm€8,25  Add to cart 
DOMINO grips combine technical prowess and design, for optimal rider comfort. Roadgrips Length : 120mm for 22 mm diameter handle bar ( 7/8 ) Optimizes feeling on the handlebar Made from TPE Delivered by pair End closed
Universal Fatbar mounting rizers Black€81,81  Add to cart 
LSL Street handle bar high Silver€69,00  Add to cart 
LSL Street handle bar high Silver 22 mm ( 7/8 ) extra wide handle bar with E-mark Aluminium inner diameter 14 mm 850 mm wide 70 mm high 115 mm pull back
M-bar 22 mm chrome€72,00  Add to cart 
M-bar 22 mm chrome wide enought to clear XB S dash and front legs A 694 mm B 105 mm C 162 mm D 134 mm E 300 mm
Buell XB 9/12 R/S Clutch lever polished€12,40  Add to cart 
Buell XB 9/12 R/S Clutch lever polished please note this replacement lever douse not have a brass pivot bushing and will wear out quicker Orignal partN1102.02A8
replacement Brake lever XB ZTL1 polished€15,08  Add to cart 
replacement Brake lever XB ZTL1 polished version replacement forN1202.02A8 lever kit andN0202.02A8 brake lever
LSL handle barends extentions Black€32,00  Add to cart 
LSL handlebar extension, internal Ø18, Ø25,4 black Bar endsMounted by a brass spreader this bar end gives a save hold to bar end accessories. The handlebar wide will be extended about the space you need to mount our bar end mirrors or lever guards. So there is no need to move the handlebar controls.
handlebar grips LSL sport 120 soft/grey€22,30  Add to cart 
handlebar grips LSL sport 120 soft/grey The thicker rubber of these classical straight Clubman grips dampens vibration. The dark shade complements the classical appearance of the motorcycle.
Buell throttle with push/pull twist grip€86,00  Add to cart 
throttle push/pull twist grip for all buell models with 22 mm ( 7/8 ) handle bar no cables are included !! Push and Pull twist grip with lightweight die cast alloy body, complete with rotor 37mm in diameter and cable boot Suitable as an aftermarket replacement for standard throttle body on bikes with Push/Pull t...
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