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Buell XB, Clutch cover with gasket€68,00  Add to cart 
Buell XB, Clutch cover with gasket. Fit's all Buell XB models from 2003-2010, replaces the old 2002-2003 plastic cover for this stronger version, and become standard after 2003 on all models.
O-ring drain plug All XB , XR1200 ,Tube frame x1€0,95  Add to cart 
Buell XB engine oil and gearbox drain plug o-ring Tube frame buell gearbox drain plug o-ring XR1200O Ring Oil Drain Plug primary. O-ring replacements for the Primary, Engine Oil and Transmission Plugs. Used for allBuells models. For the XR1200 only for primary. check/replace with every oil change Sold p...
Buell M2,S1,S2,S3 acceleration pump o-ring ( x1 ) €0,90  Add to cart 
Buell M2,S1,S2,S3 acceleration pump cover o-ring ( 1x ) CV carb Buell M2 1997-2002 Buell S1 1996-1998 Buell S2 1995-1996 Buell S3 1997-1998 replacement for OEM27360-76
Buell XB 2003-2009 O-rings fuel pump banjo stud€4,30  Add to cart 
Buell XB 2003-2009 O-rings fuel pump banjo stud for all Xb9 and XB12 models 2003-2009 ( come as a set with bought o-rings )
oil seal 1125-1190 watter pump 2010 model€10,43  Add to cart 
oil seal 1125-1190 watter pump 2010 model replacement for 1125 Q0430.3AM 1190 Q0430.1b6
oil seal 1125-1190 shift rod€12,95  Add to cart 
oil seal 1125-1190 shift rod( 1x ) 2 needed replacement for Oem X0076.1AMA EBR X0076.1B6
Oil seal 1125 engine breather€9,52  Add to cart 
Oil seal 1125 engine breather seal inside ignition cover for all 1125 and 1190 models replacement for OEM CJ0002.1AM 1125 models replacement for OEM CJ0002.1B6 1190 models
Buell 1125 O-ring sealing sleeve€2,75  Add to cart 
replacement Buell 1125 O-ring sealing sleeve for all 1125 models replacement for OEMCF0011.1AM
Buell M2 crush washer front fork ( 1 x )€1,08  Add to cart 
Buell M2 crush washer front fork ( 1 x ) non reuseble replacement for OEM 7708Y
Buell XB, Tube models Oil Seal Shifter shaft -05€5,40  Add to cart 
Buell XB Oil Seal Shifter shaft from James. OEM number: 37101-84B ( 1x ) 19 mm for all tube frame models and Buell XB up to 2005 !note ! some 2005 models have already the newer version seal od 21.7 mm
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