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Universal o-ring / oil seal mounting grease€2,90  Add to cart 
Universal o-ring / oil seal mounting grease usefull and perfect to protect your O-rings and Oil seals during install. silicone based sold in 1,5 gram sachets sold a piece
Buell S1,S2,S3,X1,M2 Complete Engine gasket kitOn request 
BUELL S1, S2, S3,X1, M2 Complete Cometic gasket kit for engine rebuild head gasket 0,30 ( thinner than stock ) and Sportster models 1200 5 Speed models Cometic EST ( Exstreme-Sealing-Technology )complete motor rebuild gasket kit for Tube frame models Buell 2000 and up. for the older modelsBuell S1, S2, S3,X1, M2...
Buell XB 9/12 O-ring injector 2004-2010On request 
Buell XB 9/12 O-ring injector 2004-2010 O-ring Injectors Buell Xb models 2004-2010 top and bottem same size (2 x needed for 1 injector )
Buell XB and 1125 Rear wheel dust seal 2010-On request 
Buell XB and 1125 Rear wheel dust seal 2010- for all XB models 2010 for all 1125 models 2010 and for all retrofitted 3 bearing wheels please replace these when you change the rear wheel bearings (partnumber tm-TM-E0005.5AK ) sold per piece, 2 needed
Buell Sportster O-ring oil pump€3,90  Add to cart 
Buell Sportster O-ring oil pump for all Buell tube frame models, for all XB 2003-2007 models, for all Sportster 91-2012 replacement part for Oem number 26434-91
Buell XB, and Tube Frame Head gasket ( 1 x ) €25,00  Add to cart 
Head gasket with armour 0.045 inch ( 1 x )used with suplied 2 x o-ring Fit's All Buell XB 9/12models 2003-2010 Buell Tube frame models 1995-2002 Sportster models 88-2011 (1200cc )
Buell S3 X1 Seal electrical fitting fuelOn request 
Buell S3 and X1 Seal electrical fitting fuel pump. Used on the following models: 2000 THUNDERBOLT - S3T 2000-01 2002 THUNDERBOLT - S3T 2002 2003 FIREBOLT - XB9R 2003 LIGHTNING X1 - (Lightning X1) - 2000 LIGHTNING X1 - (Lightning X1) - 2001
S&S SPROCKET SHAFT OIL SEAL€14,50  Add to cart 
S&S SPROCKET SHAFT OIL SEAL all sportster 86-03 buell models 95-02 hd partnumber 35151-74a
Buell XR1200X Sportster flat exhaust gasket€4,90  Add to cart 
Buell XR1200X and Sportster flat exhaust gasket from Cometic. We advice to use this performance gasketwith our Torque Hammer exhaust for the Buell Tube Models, Buell Xb models, XR1200 and XR1200X models and Sportster models. Sold per piece, 2 needed 1 for each exhaust port.
Buell XB Pingel vacuum line cap€2,90  Add to cart 
Buell XB Pingel vacuum line cap to plug the BuellXB cali connection on the manifold.
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