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Receptable extractor 6 in 1 ALDL, pack-con 1763€27,00  Add to cart 
Receptable extractor 6 in 1 ALDL, pack-con , Weather sealed 1763 Easily remove an assortment of harnessstyle receptacle pins with either ofthese 6-in-1 tools. Designed for automobiles,we have found these to work equally well on allBuell models XR1200 and Sportster. Use on ALDL, Pack-Con, and weather sealed connectors...
Buell and Sortster Piston ring groove cleaner€37,73  Add to cart 
Buell and XR1200 and Sportster Piston ring groove cleaner. Use this tool to remove carbon build-up from the two piston compression ring slots. This tool includes twocleaning spurs with sizes: 5/64”, 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32”,3/16”, 1/4”, 1.5mm, 1.75mm, 2mm. Use on all 2 3/4” to 5”...
Primary drive locking tool€75,00  Add to cart 
Primary drive locking tool To Lock all Buel tube frame, Sportster and XB models primairy chain
Jims Buell Sportster Pinion gear locker tool XBOn request 
Please look here for our new tool TM1001 Jims, Buell Sportster Pinion gear locker tool Use tool to lock pinion gear when torquing the pinion nut. Tool is simple to use, just align underneath gear and screw into case. for all Buell Tube frame models 2000-2002 for all Buell Xb models 2003-2007 for all Sporste...
Buell and Sportster Pulley lock tool€190,00  Add to cart 
Jims Pulley Lock Tool Use this tool to lock the final drive sprocket when removing and installing the sprocket nut. Use on all Sportsters® 1991-present (28T and 29T only). Use on all Buell tube frame models 1994-2002 (28T and 29T only).
Piston ring expander tool€35,25  Add to cart 
Jims Piston ring expander tool Use to remove and install piston rings. Reduces the risk of ring breakage. This tool has tappered jaws to hold all normal size rings from 3/64" to 1/4" ( 1.2 - 6.3mm) thickness.
TM Buell Rear shock tool for preload adjustment€18,00  Add to cart 
The Twin Motorcycles tool for the Buell rear shock preload adjustment Can be used for all TM tube frame rear shocks on all Buell Tube models to adjust preload. Can be used for all Buell XB rear shocks to adjust preload. And for most other shock absorbers that has a preload adjuster.
Buell XB, S3,X1, Head Temperature sensor tool€99,00  Add to cart 
Buell Cylinder head temperature sensor tool,for Buell S3, and X1 with injection only and all Buell XB 9/12 models.
O2 sensor tool€20,25  Add to cart 
Snap-on O2 sensor tool 3/8 inch Drive, to remove the O2 sensor with out roating the engine on Xb Models O2 sensor can be reached on Xb models after removing the rear shock absorber and cooling fan ( bike should be very good supported before you remove the rear shock absorber ) can also be used with hard to reach...
Rear suspention spring press€166,75  Add to cart 
Rear suspention spring press to re move or replace rear shock absorber springs
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