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Buell Sportster Pinion gear locker tool XB€58,00  Add to cart 
Buell Sportster Pinion gear locker tool XB Use tool to lock pinion gear when torquing the pinion nut. Tool is simple to use, just align underneath gear and screw into case. for all Buell Tube frame models 2000-2002for all Buell Xb models 2003-2007 for all Sporster models 2000-2016 do not use impact tools !!!
Damper Rod Bleed Tool, 5 in 1€39,00  Add to cart 
Damper Rod Bleed Tool, 5 in 1 for all Buell models for suspention service Tool design allows for effortless retrieval of damping rod after spring installation Perfect for working on Kayaba, Showa and WP inverted forks One piece design means no lost parts Rod includes downward facing bleed port to prevent oil s...
Showa BPF Fork Cap Socket€22,63  Add to cart 
MOTION PRO Showa BPF Fork Cap Socket for EBR 1190 RX and 1190 SX models to protect your fork caps and will fit for all Showa BPF 43 forks Specifically for Showa BPF 43mm fork 8 point Compatible with hexagon al 45mm fork cap Used to tighten and loosen the fork cap Blue anodised aluminium
Showa BPF 41/43 mm front fork tool€81,00  Add to cart 
Showa BPF 41/43 mm front fork tool for 1190 SX and 1190 RX front fork service but will work on most Showa BPF forks Used to remove internal rod guide on Showa BPF 41 and 43 mm forks
Cruz tools Speed kit for HD€42,00  Add to cart 
Roadside tool kit with small outside dimensions that is easy to carry on-bike. Cruz tools Speed kit for HD ( base kit ) Packed in polyester reinforced zip-up pouch pack measuring just 5cm x 5cm x 18cm. Includes 9/16 x 5/8 and 1/2 x 9/16 wrenches, tire pressure gauge, 140mm pliers, 5-1 screwdriver set, 5/8 x 3/8 spa...
Buell XB9/12 2003-2010 Clutch repair kit€161,00  Add to cart 
A known problem on the XB models is thatthe lip on the primairy cover breaks. Normally you need to replace it with a expensive new cover. The DMFrepair kit we offer as a exclusive distribitor in Europe for DMFMachining and will fit for all BuellXB 9/12 models from 2003-2010.We are glad we can offer the DMF repair kit her...
Facom 3/8 drive socket size E14€12,04  Add to cart 
Facom 3/8 drive socket size E14 for 1125 -1190 EBR head bolts
Buell, XR1200X and Sportster Clutch spring tool€89,00  Add to cart 
Buell XB all models and Buell Tube Frame all models and XR1200 all models and Sportster Clutch spring tool. Very usefull tool to service or replace your clutch at home. to relieve the diaframe spring tension For all Sportster 91- up for all Buell tube frame models 94-2001 for all Buell Xb 2003-2010 For all XR...
CARB TOOL SERVICE KIT 90 DEG. W/BITS very handy to adjust your carb
TORX KEY T30, L-style ball head€6,42  Add to cart 
TORX KEY T30, L-style ball head
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