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Buell 1125R Race belly pan with oil containment€349,00  Add to cart 
Buell 1125R Race belly pan with oil containment. Hard to find part! This race belly pan is perfect for racing and track days. Some minor trimming may be required depending on the exhaust system. Drill a few holes and you are ready to race!
Buell 1125R Race upper fairing€349,00  Add to cart 
Buell 1125R Race upper fairing. We've just finished this part. We've filled in the headlights and removed the mirror mounts for the smoothest shape possible. Replace your expensive stock upper for track days or stick it on your race bike!
TM made Buell Bar End Vibration dampers€49,00 €39,00  Add to cart 
Twin Motorcycles Bar end Vibration dampers Got dead fingers after a ride ? Consider our Home Made Vibration dampers. - They are made out of Heavy Stainless steel so they also work when you crash. - Mounting them is easy and they can be mounted very secure and tight through the special mounting mechanism. - They specia...
LED rear light White, for custom tail sections€22,77  Add to cart 
LED rear light White, for custom and fiber glas tail sections FP30510 , FP31500, FP30500, RRCX405
Front fork protectors ( L+R ) XB12X , fiber glass€80,19  Add to cart 
Front fork protectors set ( Left +Right ) for the XB12X Ulyssus models to fit the FP31700 front fender made from fiber glass comes unpainted
Front Fender long XB12X Ulyssus, Fiber Glass€115,83  Add to cart 
Longer Front Fender for the XB12X Ulyssus, to protect the driver and motor beter again rain spray, made from Fiber Glass comes unpainted comes with mounting hardware
Buell licence plate holder for fiberglass tails€51,00  Add to cart 
Licence plate holder for Fiberglass tails XB made from Stainless steel
Buell XB12X Ulysses short tail€159,00  Add to cart 
Short Tail insert for LED light made for the XB12 X models, made from Fiber Glass. Licence plate holder sold seperatly see part number FP30600 LED rear light sold seperatly see part number FPLED comes unpainted
Flyscreen XB12X with air intake, Fiber Glass€98,82  Add to cart 
Flyscreen For the XB12X series with Air intake and wire mesh, made from Fiber Glass comes unpainted, delivered with Aluminiun wire mesh
Air intake set (L+R) Buell XB Ss / X /STT€142,01  Add to cart 
Buell XB air intake Set left and right with Aluminium mesh Fit's the Buell XB Ss Buell XB 12X And Buell XB STT models. Mmade from Fiber Glass comes unpainted, delivered with Aluminium Mesh.
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