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Buell M2 slide tube for front forkOn request 
Buell M2 slide Tube For aBuell M2 front fork modle year 1997-1999 sold per piece. very limited suply
Bike lift, front end head stock stand €152,00  Add to cart 
Bike-lift, Bike lift for the front wheel profi line, indispensable for removing front wheel, with this lift is also possible to work on the front fork . to use this front lift, the use of a rear lift is needed, for instance by a motorlift behind (65933030)
Buell XB Steering Damper kit 43mm€429,00  Add to cart 
Buell XB 9/12Steering Damper kit Hyperpro Steeringdamper kitBuell XB 9/ 12 2005 untill 2009 (R/S/SS/SX/X/STT ) front leg thickness 43 mm ( please note ! right side airscoops can not be mounted ) kit contains; Mounting brackets and Hyperpro CSC liniar Steering damper ( availeble in colours steering damper ...
Buell XB Steering Damper kit 41 mm€371,70  Add to cart 
Hyperpro stuurdemper voor de Buell XB 9-/12 R/S and Scg serie modeljaar 2003-2004, met een voorvork poot dikte van 41 mm deze set bestaat uit de montageset en een Hyperpro CSC stuurdemper met een slag van 140 mm verkrijgbare kleuren stuurdempers; Hyper Purple , black ,red and Gold mounting kit options, black or Gold d...
Buell front legs Black anodising€645,00  Add to cart 
We can offer a anodizing / overhaul service for all buell front legs, What gets anodized ; 2 x front outer leg 2 x spring adjusting caps ( top cap ) 2 x axle mount ( lower pieces ) Your front legs will be disassembled and all worn seals and guide bushing will be replaced. And your front leg will be assembl...
Buell Front Fork Black anodised / DLC all types€620,32  Add to cart 
When You send us your Buell Front Fork Legs, we can offer a anodizing / overhaul service for all Buell front legs, What we do: 2 x front outer leg 2 x spring adjusting caps ( top cap ) 2 x axle mount ( lower pieces ) 2 x inner fork tubes will get a DLC ( black coating ) Your front legs will be disassembled and all ...
Buell Tube rear suspention upgradeOn request 
Buell Tube rear shock absorberFits all Buell X1,S1,M2,S3,S3T,S2,S2T models. please note the use off a chin spoiler is no longer possible This is an Rear suspension system with inverse function, resetting the suspension systems function to conventional, namely to compression. Our shock absorber with 36 mm in diamete...
Buell, Oil seal WP front fork ( 1 x )€24,00  Add to cart 
BuellFront fork Seal, Tube frame models, For Buell's with WP suspention. (1 x ) Fits Buell S1 and S3 96-98 , S2 1994-1995 eplacement for J9131.8 Sold per piece.
Buell XB 43mm- XR1200 Front fork oil seal ( 2x )€16,00  Add to cart 
BUELL XB9-12 2005-2010 and XR1200 front forkreplacement oilseal kit ( 2x ) For all Buell XB models with 43mm front fork and XR1200 2008-2009 models. Sold as a kit for 1 (2 needed) Fit's on the following models: XB12R 2005-2010 XB9R 2005-2007 XB12S 2005-2008 XB12Scg 2005-2010 XB12Ss 2006-2010 X...
XR1200, Buell X1 steering damper solid black€225,00  Add to cart 
XR1200 and Buell X1 steering damper solid black Linear Steering damper, stroke 120. NOHARDWAREKITINCLUDEDTHISISONLYTHEDAMPER colour Solid black stroke 120 to be used for the Buell X1 and XR1200 steering damper mounting set ...Your bike reacts the way you'd hope for. You are riding through the mountains and the road s...
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