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Buell, Brake pad pin , tube / xb rear brake€11,00  Add to cart 
Buell, Brake pad pin , tube / xb rear brake Buell, Brake pad pin , for the nissin tube buell models and all xb rear brake sold per piece
Buell XB Retainer clip Rear caliper€14,81  Add to cart 
Buell, brake bracket sliding plate XB. Nr 23 on the picture. Fit's on the following models: fits All XB models and will fit on the Tube frame models with Nissin rear braken (98 - up )
Brembo rear brake pad 2 pot caliper€30,34  Add to cart 
Buell XB9/12 rear brake pad 2 pot caliper ( for Brembo ) Braking sinter street compound Replacement pads for the Buell XB hidden brake caliper (2 pot )with the Brembo Gold line 2 piston caliper kit part number FS205600 or for the FS205701XR1200 replacement pad for brembo P32Fcaliper
Buell,Slide Pin Bolt rear Caliper, Nissin€14,00  Add to cart 
Buell, Pin Bolt rear Caliper for the Nissin caliper ( XB and newer Tube frame models ) Replacement Buell,Slide Pin Bolt rear Caliper, Nissin
Rubber boot brake light switch 90 deg€8,00  Add to cart 
Rubber boot brake light switch 90 deg
Elbow connector brake cylinder rear€9,92  Add to cart 
Elbow connector brake cylinder rear replacement for OEM H0041.F ELBOW,rear master cylinder w/circlip & o- ring CONNECTOR SET w/ connector, circlip & O-ring KP CONNECTOR SET w/ connector, circlip & o-ring P3 CONNECTOR SET w/ connector, circlip, & o-ring KP ELBOW, rear master cylinder, w/circlip &...
Bleeding screw dust cover ( x1 ) €0,95  Add to cart 
bleeding screwdust cover ( 1x ) for all Buell models
aluminium crush sealing rings 3/8-10mm€0,80  Add to cart 
aluminium crush sealing rings 3/8-10mm ( 1x) for all brake line Eye fittings sold per piece
Banjo bolt M10 x 1.25€6,00  Add to cart 
Banjo bolt M10 x 1.25 single brake line for all Nissin original
Buell S1, M2, S3, X1 rear brake disc€129,00  Add to cart 
Ebc Rear disk Buell Tube frame model Provide better braking and improved brake alignment No rotor distortion reduced chance of rotor cracking for all Buell S1, M2, S3 and X1 models advised to replace the brake pads when replacing the disk new mounting bolts can be found here91263A849
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