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Buell XB 9-12 and 1125 R and CR Front brake pads€66,00  Add to cart 
Buell XB 9-12 and 1125 R and CR Fronfbrake pads fits alll models 2003-2010 EBC Extreme Pro brake pad kit for the Buell XB9 and Buell XB12 and 1125R and 1125CRwith the ZTL2 8 piston brake systems only. Recommended for track and street use and fast street use, where the stock pads will faid to soon as tested and used wi...
Braking, Radial brake master cylinder 19mm€248,74  Add to cart 
Braking, Radial brake master cylinder Forged, to be used in combination with a separated reservoir Suitable for the stop light and rear mirror fitment 19mm piston (suggested in combination with two calipers / 8 piston systems) Articulated lever sold with switch light bolt and mirror support included. Forged radial ...
Goodrigde, Aluminium Brake tee bar€53,40  Add to cart 
Goodrigde, Aluminium Brake tee bar for custom bake line making, can be mounted under stock tripple tee treath size 3/8-24 use with double banjo bolt 920796 na single banjo bolt 920795
Goodrigde, 3/8-24 banjo bolt€11,91  Add to cart 
Goodrigde, 3/8-24 banjo bolt for use with the Goodrigde Brake Tee Bar
Goodrigde, 3/8-24 double banjo bolt€12,30  Add to cart 
Goodrigde, 3/8-24 double banjo bolt to use with Goodrigde Brake Tee Bar
Goodrigde, brake line gommet€1,90  Add to cart 
Goodrigde, brake line gommet as used in the stock brake hose clamps on buell xb sold per piece
Goodrigde, Brake Hose Separator clear€18,00  Add to cart 
Goodrigde, Brake Hose Separator clear colour -03 size ( normal braided brake line )
Nissin,clamp with mirror hole€5,00  Add to cart 
Nissin, masterBrake cylinder clamp with mirror hole
Buell Front brake pads 1125 / XB ZTL2 8 pods€49,00  Add to cart 
Braking, Brake pad kit front for the models; 1125 R 2008 - up 1125 CR 2009 - up Front and XB ZTL2 (8 piston ) Padss Cod. 939 Dimension: 61,0 x 46,5 x 7,3 COMPOUND: CM55 (sintered compound for front sport street use )
Buell 1125R and 1125 CR rear brake pads€36,00  Add to cart 
Buell 1125R 2008 - up Buell 1125CR 2009 - up rearbrake pad kit, Fits on the models, Buell 1125R 2008 - up Buell 1125CR 2009 - up CM56: sintered compound for sport use, street, track for sport Applications: street bikes, sport bikes.
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