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Buell Tube, XB and 1125 Crush washer sealing€0,49  Add to cart 
BUELL Tube models, all XB modelsand all Buell 1125R and 1125CR models, crush washer brake linebanjo bolt front and rear caliper, sold per piece. (nr. 29 on the picture for XB) Fit's the following models: LIGHTNING - (1125CR) - 2010 LIGHTNING - (XB12Scg) - 2009 LIGHTNING - (XB12Scg) - 2010 LIGHTNING - (XB12Ss...
CRG XB brake lever long, grey , red tabOn request 
Beschikbaar in Goud en grijs, geannodiseerd. Leverbaar in de standaard lengte of kort model. (2 of 3 vinger gebruik) Past op alle Buell XB modellen.
Buell XB 9-12 Rear brake upgrade 4 piston TUVOn request 
Complete Rear brake upgrade kit.for Buell XB9-XB12 include 4 pots Brembo caliper and brackets. Fast and easy to mount don't required any modification. Used original tube and master cylinder. Modulation and braking power improved. TUV approved. Note,fit's on XB12X and long models and the 2006 and later models Buel...
Brembo Radial master cylinder 19 x 20 mm€233,80  Add to cart 
brembo radiale brake mastercylinder for all 1125 models, XB ZTL2 (8 piston ) and dual disk conversions on tube frame buell models (2x 4 piston caliper ) look here for a optional bracket with mirror mount brake light switch..M10 x 1 separate availeble Fuild reservoir
Brembo 16mm frontMaster brake cylinder€127,00  Add to cart 
This 16mm. axial master cylinder is an excellent improved alternative for all Buell with a single disc. It includes brake light switch and mirror support. for all XB 6 piston ( ZTL 1 ) brake systems and tube frame models look here for fitting banjo Bolts and crush sealing rings 2 x needed
Buell XB Hidden 2 piston rear brake caliper€369,60  Add to cart 
Hidden 2 Piston rear brake upgrade with Brembo Goldline brake caliper, 2 piston caliper and hidden behind the rear swingarm. Fit's on all Buell XB 9/12 R/S/X models. Save weight, brake better and look very cool. This 2 piston rear brake conversion is hidden behind the swingarm to give a smooth uncluttered look as ...
Buell M2 and S3 Hightech foot peg system€365,00  Add to cart 
High tech foot peg system for all Buell M2 and S3 models. Complete foot peg system incl. ball bearing supported levers and CNC milled pegs. The pegs are set backwards almost 40 mm and are 45 mm higher than the originals. The new gear change mechanism with its double redirection allows an exact change of gears with a redu...
RRC rear brake fluid reservoir X1€22,83  Add to cart 
Mini brakefluid reservoir with inox mounting plate for the rear set mounting of the original brake calibre. By mounting this kit, the original reservoir under the seat and the big connection line can be put away.
Buell rear brake kit for S1 - M2 and X1 models€378,00  Add to cart 
The 4 piston rear brake kitBuell rear brake kit for S1 - M2 and X1 models includesthe adapter for fixing. Works with the original disc and lines.Including Tuv approval Comes with1 piece 4 piston brake in black braking panels, all needed screws 1 piece adapter including screws.
Buell XB braking Front brake pads 6 piston€40,90  Add to cart 
Fits on the following models: XB12S Lightning 2004-2007 XB12X ULYSSES 2006-2007 XB12R Firebolt 2004-2007 XB9SX CityX 2005-2007 XB9S Lightning 2003-2003 XB9R Firebolt 2002-2003 CM55: sintered compound for sport use, street, track for sport Applications: street bikes, sport bikes.
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