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Brembo, Radial master cylinder 19 RCS€257,00  Add to cart 
The new Brembo 19 RCS radial brake master cylinder comes out directly to the MotoGP World. With this new patented device, the rider can set the brake lever pivot point at one of two distances simply by turning a roller cam located on the front of the lever clevis. The lever ratio can be adapted to the different characterist...
Motul, Brake fluid DOT 5.1 0,5l€7,98  Add to cart 
Motul Dot 5.1 brake fluid LONG LIFE 100% synthetic fluid for hydraulic actuated-brake and clutch systems. DOT 5.1 NON-SILICONE BASE. Fluidity specially designed for anti-locking brake systems. very good replacement for the Normal Dot 4 brakefluid and better resistand against fading
Braking , Buell rear brake pads sintered€32,00  Add to cart 
COMPOUND: CM56 (sintered compound for rear sport street use) Fits on the following Buell Models and years: XBRR 2006 XB12X 2006-2007 XB12R 2004-2007 XB12S 2004-2007 X1 Lightning 1999-2002 M2-S1-S3-S3T 1998-2002 XB9R 2002-2003 XB9S 2003-2003 XB9SX 2005-2007 CM1: semimetallic compound Applications: CM56 (sintered compound for...
Buell S1,S2,M2 rear brake pad Brembo caliper€24,00  Add to cart 
Buell S1, S2, M21994-1997rear brake pad Brembo caliperfor the Old Tube Frame buell models ( 94-97 NORMAL STREET USE
Buell Xb Tube frame Boot Caliper bolt rear brake€2,48  Add to cart 
Buell Xb and Tube frame models Rubber boot for Caliper bolt rear brake ( nissin ) sold per piece replacement part for Oem partnumber H0053.T
Goodrigde, Brake line Carbon Look€9,15 €6,86  Add to cart 
Goodrigde, Brake line Carbon Look sold per meter
Goodrigde, Replacement socket nut RVS€4,62  Add to cart 
Goodrigde, Replacement socket nut RVS for the Goodrigde brake line nippels
Buell XB 9/12 STM Slipper ClutchOn request 
STM slipper clutches for Buell XBmodels ( 2003-2010) offer two major advantages to assist the rider and help prevent damage to the engine and gearbox. The slipper clutch assists the rider by reducing the effect of engine braking. Engine braking causes the rear wheel to lock up when braking hard for a corner. A rider that...
Buell S1,S2,S3,M2,X1 Spring washers Brake disc€2,45  Add to cart 
Old model Tube frame brake disk,spring washers sold per piece, not much left 6563Y
Buell X1 Wire guide Brake lineOn request 
Buell Wire guide Front brake line X1 models part number; 45292-99Y limited suply
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