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Buell XB FRONT brake pads RACE use 6 piston€32,02  Add to cart 
This brake product is only available through Twin Motorcycles direct. Buellfront brake pads for all BuellXBmodels with theoriginal Buell 6 piston caliper. Race use ! This brake product is only available through Twin Motorcycles direct or one of our Dealers. Look here for the list. Buellfront brak...
Buell S1,S2,S3,M2,X1 TM rear brake disc€99,00  Add to cart 
Twin Motorcycles Rear brake disk for All Buell Tube frame models Buell S1,S2,S3,M2,X1 TM rear brake disk rotors are made of a proprietary 420 high carbon stainless steel for increased memory retention during heat cycles Each Wave® disc is laser cut for precision and to eliminate the stress most other discs occu...
Buell S1,S2,S3,M2,X1 TM Front brake disc€212,00  Add to cart 
The best stopping power for your Tube frame Buell. This brake product is only available through Twin Motorcycles direct or one of our Dealers. .Buell S1,S2,S3,M2,X1 TM Front brake disk. We higly recommand when replacing the front disc to replace the original bolts by these. Twin Motorcyclesbrake disk for AllBuell Tube fr...
Buell XB, 1125, FRONT brake disc with TUV€155,00  Add to cart 
Twin Motorcycles Buell XB9/12 and 1125R/CR all modelswave FRONT brake disc for all models and all years with TUV. COMES WITH 1 YEAR UNLIMMITED WARRANTY. ALWAYS MOUNT NEW BRAKE PADS OR YOUR WARRANTY IS GONE. THEY ARE NOT MADE IN CHINA. Mounting hardware; Bolts CA0014.02A8 6 x needed Springs H0505.02A8 6 x needed ...
Tailor made Triple Tree kit for every front fork€810,00  Add to cart 
Twin Motorcycles made a triple tree kit for all Buell and XR1200 models to do a frontfork conversion This article can be ordered when you want to fit a front fork on your bike that is not stock. With our Triple Tree you can fit every size Front fork you like. Just tell us what size you like for the upper and lower ...
Buell Front Brake Disk Tube frame modelsOn request 
Buell, Front Brake Disk for Tube frame models last one in our stock !
TM Buell XB9/XB12 Tripple Tree kit for Marzocchi€650,00  Add to cart 
Here is the TwinMotorcycles Triple Tree Kit to convert your Buell with a real Front Fork the Marzocchi RAC 50. Will fit on all XBR and XBS models. The Marzocchi RAC 50 is a fork with a Radial setup, and gives you the real braking power. Here you can find the complete kit You need to buy the calipers seperatly. The riser...
Rizoma, Fluid reservoir 35mm3 Black€57,02  Add to cart 
Rizoma, Brake fluid reservoir color Black side connection capacity35mm3, height43mm, diameter 50mm
Buell 1125R/CR ZTL2 and XB Extreme Pro brakepads€66,00  Add to cart 
EBC Extreme Pro brake pad kit for the Buell XB9 and Buell XB12 and 1125R and 1125CRwith the ZTL2 8 piston brake systems only. Recommended for track and street use and fast street use, where the stock pads will faid to soon as tested and used with severall AMA Buell race teams. The latest in sintered metal fusion techn...
Braking, Radial brake master cylinder 19mm€248,74  Add to cart 
Braking, Radial brake master cylinder Forged, to be used in combination with a separated reservoir Suitable for the stop light and rear mirror fitment 19mm piston (suggested in combination with two calipers / 8 piston systems) Articulated lever sold with switch light bolt and mirror support included. Forged radial ...
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