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Buell Tube frame Front dual disc conversion -2001On request 
Buell Tube frame models Front dual disc for -2001 models This kit gives strong stopping power with greater resistance to break fade. Kit includes; • Two CNC machined calliper relocation bracket (silver anodized) • Two of the latest generation Newfren 340 mm brake rotors and fixing bolts (the brake roto...
Brembo Radial master cylinder 19 x 20 mm€279,00  Add to cart 
brembo radiale brake mastercylinder for all 1125 models, XB ZTL2 (8 piston ) and dual disk conversions on tube frame buell models (2x 4 piston caliper ) look here for a optional bracket with mirror mount brake light switch..M10 x 1 separate availeble Fuild reservoir
Brembo 16mm frontMaster brake cylinder€139,00  Add to cart 
This 16mm. axial master cylinder is an excellent improved alternative for all Buell with a single disc. It includes brake light switch and mirror support. for all XB 6 piston ( ZTL 1 ) brake systems and tube frame models look here for fitting banjo Bolts and crush sealing rings 2 x needed
Buell XB Ss/ Ulysses 4 piston rear brake €417,00  Add to cart 
Complete kit with4 piston Brembo caliper gold, mounting bracket silver anodised. It use the OEM master cylinder, brake line and rotor. The kit include thebrake pads. Increases braking power, modulation and feel. Fits only onBuell XBwith long swingarm and third anchor point: Buell XB12X Ulysses Buell XB12...
Buell X1, S3, S3T, carb Mikuni HSR 42 conversion€699,50  Add to cart 
Carburator kit for Buell X1 (and also other Buell injection models) Keep in mind we also can update your Stock ECM with a new ECM MAP from us look HERE This kit allows to keep the original ignition as well as the cables. With all additional parts which are on the market for the ECMthe mixture can be made only more fat or...
Buell S1, WL, S3, S3T, M2, X1 Mikuni HSR 42€526,00  Add to cart 
MIKUNI HSR42 EASY CARB KIT TUV APPROVED Fits: HARLEY-DAVIDSON > 94-03 XL 1200 and Buell Carb models RE-USE STOCK MANIFOLD Mikuni HSR 42 carburetor for Sportster XL 1200 ,Buell S1, S1 White Lightning, S3, S3T and all M2 models instead of the original carburetor. Better throttle and more power than the original. ...
Buell rear brake kit for S1, M2, X1 and S3 models€351,00  Add to cart 
The 4 piston rear brake kitBuell rear brake kit for S1, S3,M2 and X1 models includesthe adapter for fixing. Works with the original disc and lines.Including Tuv approval Comes with1 piece 4 piston brake in black braking panels, all needed screws 1 piece adapter including screws.
Buell XB braking Front brake pads 6 piston€43,00  Add to cart 
Fits on the following models: XB12S Lightning 2004-2007 XB12X ULYSSES 2006-2007 XB12R Firebolt 2004-2007 XB9SX CityX 2005-2007 XB9S Lightning 2003-2003 XB9R Firebolt 2002-2003 CM55: sintered compound for sport use, street, track for sport Applications: street bikes, sport bikes.
Braking Wave Rear brake for Tube Model€126,33  Add to cart 
Fits on the Buell models: X1 Lightning 1999-2002 M2-S1-S3-S3T 1998-2002
Braking Brake pads Front for Buell tube model€56,00  Add to cart 
Fits on the models: X1 Lightning 1999-2002 M2-S1-S3-S3T 1998-2002 CM55: sintered compound for sport use, street, track for sport Applications: street bikes, sport bikes.
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