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XR1200, Buell X1 steering damper solid black€225,00  Add to cart 
XR1200 and Buell X1 steering damper solid black Linear Steering damper, stroke 120. NOHARDWAREKITINCLUDEDTHISISONLYTHEDAMPER colour Solid black stroke 120 to be used for the Buell X1 and XR1200 steering damper mounting set ...Your bike reacts the way you'd hope for. You are riding through the mountains and the road s...
Buell M2 Steering damper mounting kit showa&Wp€138,80  Add to cart 
Buell M2 Steering damper mounting kit only for showa and WP front forks.
Buell S1,S2,S3 steering damper mounting kit€161,38  Add to cart 
Hyperpro stuurdemper montagekit, BUELL S1,S2,S3 WP&showa steering damper sold seperatly
Buell X1 Steering damper mounting kit€195,00  Add to cart 
Buell X1 Steering damper mounting kit
Buell XB 9/12 new model belt tensioner Black€230,00  Add to cart 
Buell XB9/12 R/S new model belt tensioner Silver. Fit's all Buell XB models. The stock Buell belt tensioner is designed to keep the belt under constant tension, except it does not! When the suspension is completely unloaded, such as when pulling stoppies or even braking hard, the tension is increased to an alarming d...
Buell XB12 torque kit 02-07€244,87  Add to cart 
This kit will give your XB12 much more acceleration at the expense of just 10% in top speed. It will give the bike the equivalent of the old US 29/61 gearing for the Tube frame models! No need to adjust the speedometer either. Saves weight over stock parts. [KIT-PARTS]
Buell XB 9-12 Rear brake upgrade 4 piston TUVOn request 
Complete Rear brake upgrade kit.for Buell XB9-XB12 include 4 pots Brembo caliper and brackets. Fast and easy to mount don't required any modification. Used original tube and master cylinder. Modulation and braking power improved. TUV approved. Note,fit's on XB12X and long models and the 2006 and later models Buel...
Buell Tube frame Front dual disc conversion -2001On request 
Buell Tube frame models Front dual disc for -2001 models This kit gives strong stopping power with greater resistance to break fade. Kit includes; • Two CNC machined calliper relocation bracket (silver anodized) • Two of the latest generation Newfren 340 mm brake rotors and fixing bolts (the brake roto...
Brembo Radial master cylinder 19 x 20 mm€279,00  Add to cart 
brembo radiale brake mastercylinder for all 1125 models, XB ZTL2 (8 piston ) and dual disk conversions on tube frame buell models (2x 4 piston caliper ) look here for a optional bracket with mirror mount brake light switch..M10 x 1 separate availeble Fuild reservoir
Brembo 16mm frontMaster brake cylinder€139,00  Add to cart 
This 16mm. axial master cylinder is an excellent improved alternative for all Buell with a single disc. It includes brake light switch and mirror support. for all XB 6 piston ( ZTL 1 ) brake systems and tube frame models look here for fitting banjo Bolts and crush sealing rings 2 x needed
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