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Tube model Buell Swing arm isolator stabilizer€119,00  Add to cart 
Tube models Buell Swingarm isolator for models to 2001 These stabilisersare for mounting inside the rear isolator rubber . !! please note stabilisers are made for the Allen head bolts, TQ button head bolts need to be turned down a little to fit !! It takes off excess of play allowing to keep rear tire aligned with ...
Dyno Buell ECM all models until 2007€650,00  Add to cart 
We remap all Buell Models on the DYNO. We do this for all kind of setups: Different header size Different slip-ons (exhaust systems) Different airbox setups. The price is for remapping your ECM, (original or Race ECM) double check of the Fuell map on our Dyno and a nice dynograph with A/F and horsepower. You have to bring y...
Pingel, Shift button exstension€32,86  Add to cart 
Pingel, Shift button exstension 633 thumb button valve extension shown installed on a Pingel 680 handlebar control (not included )
Dyna Pro-Light shiftlite and shiftminder€540,95  Add to cart 
DSMS-2 Dyna shift minder 2 cylinder ( 4000 rpm base ) The Dyna Shift Minder System is the ultimate in racing shift light products. The Shift Minder System consists of an attractive billet aluminum Shift Light and the Shift Minder Control Module. The Dyna Shift Light is a hallmark of the quality, reliability and innovation t...
Goodridge, remleiding adaptor 3/8UNF-UNF RVS€6,55 €4,91  Add to cart 
Goodridge remleiding adaptor,Rvs 3/8'UNF aan de ene kant en standaard UNF Goodridge aan de andere kant
Barnett steel drive plate xl 54-70 0.075€6,72  Add to cart 
Barnett steel drive plate xl 54-70 exstra dik, zeer geschikt voor gesinterde dragrace platen
Rizoma, Handle bar aluminium, 22mm Black€104,00  Add to cart 
Rizoma Black handlebar, 22mm Lighter and an Higher Vibration Damping, this is why you could change your steel handlebar. Color is the other one. Superb aluminium handlebars from Rizoma. diameter 22mm ( 7/8 ) Colour Black. Dimensions: Width 720mm. Rise: 60mm. Pullback 80mm
Rizoma racing voetsteunen naturelOn request 
Rizoma racing voetsteunen set, kleur naturel ( aluminium ) mooier, lichter en nog steeds opklapbaar
Rizoma voetsteun Racing zwartOn request 
Rizoma Racing voetsteunen. lichter, mooier, en nog steeds opklapbaar geschikt voor de Buell X1.
Rizoma, Fluid reservoir 27 mm€102,00  Add to cart 
Rizoma brake/clutch fluid reservoir with level window, side outflow colour Black Capacity 27 ml Height 49 mm Diameter 40 mm Adaptor 2 included
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