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Jagg, Oil-cooler By-Pass Valve€61,43  Add to cart 
Jagg, Oil-cooler By-Pass Valve 3/8' diameter hose connection delivered with 4 hose clamps
Buell XB 9/12 STM Slipper ClutchOn request 
STM slipper clutches for Buell XBmodels ( 2003-2010) offer two major advantages to assist the rider and help prevent damage to the engine and gearbox. The slipper clutch assists the rider by reducing the effect of engine braking. Engine braking causes the rear wheel to lock up when braking hard for a corner. A rider that...
Front fork protectors ( L+R ) XB12X , fiber glass€194,00  Add to cart 
Front fork protectors set ( Left +Right ) for the XB12X Ulyssus models to fit the FP31700 front fender made from fiber glass comes unpainted
Buell S2 HurricaneFlow Air Cleaner€343,50  Add to cart 
HurricaneFlow Air Cleaner with 2' element, 95-96 Buell S2 Uses stock cover and carb support bracket. If you own a Buell S2, you already know what a special bike it is. Chances are, you also know what a problem the stock air cleaner is. The factory plastic back plate is subject to warpage and cracking, and that lets harm...
Buell solo seat XBR and 1125 models€185,00  Add to cart 
Kompo-tech, solo seat for Buell XBR and all 1125 models. High quality, lighter than original, clean race look,made from fiberglas,stock seat can be used
Buell XB Racing air & oil cooler (kit) ObsoleteOn request 
Racing duct air & oil cooler (kit) 13 row Xb seriegood cooling and good looks,used in the Italian race series Modification to Oil lines neccesary!
Buell XB Full race fairing€349,00  Add to cart 
Full race fairing for the Buell XB. Fairing exists of 2 parts, and is made out off Fiberglas, Made by Italian fairing builders with a perfect finish. You need to make your own fasteners. It's delivered without fastener system.
Racing Air duct & Oil Cooler 19row ( kit )€364,19  Add to cart 
Kit includes: fiberglass racing air duct (#53) & race oil cooler (19 row/0.23Lt - weight 0.67Kg Please note theOriginal oil cooler V-bracket needs to be modified and oil lines need to be modified / made (n°2) “Male 9/16 x18 UNF fittings on the oil cooler
Tube model Buell Swing arm isolator stabilizer€119,00  Add to cart 
Tube models Buell Swingarm isolator for models to 2001 These stabilisersare for mounting inside the rear isolator rubber . !! please note stabilisers are made for the Allen head bolts, TQ button head bolts need to be turned down a little to fit !! It takes off excess of play allowing to keep rear tire aligned with ...
Dyno Buell ECM all models until 2007€650,00  Add to cart 
We remap all Buell Models on the DYNO. We do this for all kind of setups: Different header size Different slip-ons (exhaust systems) Different airbox setups. The price is for remapping your ECM, (original or Race ECM) double check of the Fuell map on our Dyno and a nice dynograph with A/F and horsepower. You have to bring y...
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