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Brembo, M4 radial monoblock caliper set, 100 mm€750,00  Add to cart 
Brembo M4 Monoblock 100mm caliper fixing. a extremely light monolithic caliper body featuring unparalleled levels of stiffness and operating precision. The new caliper is supplied in kit form together with Brembo sintered pads â_" the maximum expression of friction technology available currently on the market â_" as ...
Brembo, Radial master cylinder 19 RCS€257,00  Add to cart 
The new Brembo 19 RCS radial brake master cylinder comes out directly to the MotoGP World. With this new patented device, the rider can set the brake lever pivot point at one of two distances simply by turning a roller cam located on the front of the lever clevis. The lever ratio can be adapted to the different characterist...
Buell XB9R/XB12R Windscreen Sport Touring Clear€135,00  Add to cart 
Zero Gravity, Sport Touring screen model for the Buell XBRfirebolt models. colour; Clear Sport Touring series screens features the best optical quality fit and finish of any Buell screen in the world. Predrilled and designed to precisely fit your OEM fairing using your stock mounting fasteners.
Buell XB 9/12 03-10 Pushrod cover kit€217,00  Add to cart 
Collapsible Pushrod Covers for The Buell XB series. Like the looks off the old Buell engine? Than are these the thing for you. also necessary for High performance engines with adjustable pushrods ( not included ) Fit's all Buell XB 9/12 from 2003-2010
Dyno all Buell XB and 1125, XR1200, Sportster€600,00  Add to cart 
The remap of All new XB 2008-2009-2010 and 1125 Models is 1 full day job on the dyno. All the problems with jurking on low RPM, not smooth on the throttle, not delivering the power the engine can make are gone. We give a 100% money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied. Mail us for the possibilities.
TM Oil Catch Can Tube Buell, XR1200 and SportsterOn request 
Twin Motorcycles, Oil Catch Can. We proudly present a new oil catch can for the old Tuber Buell models and allSportster and XR1200 models. We looked at the different options that are currently on the market, but they where not the solution we where searching for. We wanted to have: - nice design - multifunctional in posi...
Motul, 300V 10W40 4t engine oil,1L€19,00  Add to cart 
300V Factory Line 100% Synthetic New double ester technology Maximum power and protection 300V 10W40 4-stroke competition lubricant, double ester technology, developed for the leading factory teams. Lower friction for increased power. Exceptional film strength to protect the engine and gear box. Perfect for oil wet clutches...
Motul, Brake fluid DOT 5.1 0,5l€9,99  Add to cart 
Motul Dot 5.1 brake fluid LONG LIFE 100% synthetic fluid for hydraulic actuated-brake and clutch systems. DOT 5.1 NON-SILICONE BASE. Fluidity specially designed for anti-locking brake systems. very good replacement for the Normal Dot 4 brakefluid and better resistand against fading
Motul racing brake fluid 600 factory 0.5l€16,50  Add to cart 
RBF 600 Factory Line 100% synthetic fluid for hydraulic-actuated brake and clutch systems. Specifically designed to resist the high temperatures of actuated (steel or carbon) racing brakes and clutch systems. sold in bottles of 0,5 liter
Buell 1125R GPR V5 Steering StabilizerOn request 
Finally the Steering stabilizer for your Buell 1125R all model years. The model on the pictures is fitted with a different triple tree. We tested and fitted it also on the original triple trees.
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