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Buell XB 02-07 ( EU ) 44 mm Race headers€522,00  Add to cart 
The Twin Motorcycles 44mm stainless steel equal lenght headers with beautiful welds for all Buell XB9 and XB12models from 2002-2007. ( Euro models ) and XB9 and Xb12 2003-2009 ( world models with out catalistic converter ) These arenice madestainless steel header pipes, with perfect welds. These equal lenght headers will...
Buell X1, M2, S3 Original Muffler Mount bracketOn request 
replaced by S0116.K Buell X1, M2, S3 Original Muffler Mount bracket Fit's on the following Models: 1999 CYCLONE - M2 1999 1999 LIGHTNING - X1 1999 1999 THUNDERBOLT - S3 1999 2000 CYCLONE - M2 2000 2000 LIGHTNING - X1 2000 2000 THUNDERBOLT - S3 2000
Exhaust 02 sensor bung€9,00  Add to cart 
Exhaust 02 sensor bung for Dyno use or extra 02 sensor.
Remus replacement clamp For Buell XB models€63,00  Add to cart 
Here is the Remus, replacement clamp for mounting the remus exhaust in the front for all 2008-2010 Buell XB models. This is for the catalyc version exhaust with TUV. ( 2008-2010 models )
Buell and Sportster exhaust flange kit '84-2011€22,35  Add to cart 
Buell XB, Buell Tube, all Sportster from 19984-2012 exhaust flange kit, including the retaining clips. 1 set is needed.
Buell and Sportster Exhaust port studs and Nuts€16,35  Add to cart 
Buell XB and Tube, XR1200 and SportsterExhaust port studs and Nuts. Kit includes four zinc-plated studs and four chrome-plated flanged nuts. - fit's 1984-2002 Buell Tube models - Fit's 2002-2010 Buell XB Models - fit's 1984-2012 big Twins - fit's 1986-2012 Sportsters
Buell, Front mufler mount rubber kit, ObsoleteOn request 
Obsolete!! subtitude part see here Buell, Front mufler mount rubber kit , set off 2 rubbers with sleeve for all tube frame models ! Old model bracket !
BLACK XB9-12 stage 1 kit 2008 - 2010 stock headerOn request 
Twin Motorcycles BLACKVERSIONstage 1 kit for EUROPEAN BUELL XB MODELS WITH SMALL stock headers. SOUND CLIP Our stage 1 kit for the XB12 makes between 92 and 96 HP and between 104 and 110 NM of Our stage 1 kit for the XB9 makes between 80 HP and between 85 and 90 NM of Torque. This kit is made because a lot of inter...
Buell XB9/12 03-10 Bushing muffler mount frontOn request 
Buell XB9/12 2003-2010 all models Bushing muffler mount front Fit's all Buell XB models sold per piece
Black Buell XB 9/12 exhaust 02-07 Torque HammerOn request 
Black Torque Hammer exhaust for all Buell XB9 and XB12 from 2002-2007. ( 03-10 US models ) They are made from RVS (stainless steel) with seperate mounting brackets.Coated ceramic black IT WILL HAVE THE MOST HP and TORQUE (WITH A GOOD TUNED ECM), COMPARED TO ANY OTHER EXHAUST PRODUCT YOU CAN BUY FOR YOUR BUELL. ...
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