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WP Du bushing Lower ( 1x ) Buell WP front fork€25,00  Add to cart 
WP Du bushing Lower ( 1x ) Buell WP front fork Buell S1, S3.S3T ,S2 models Upside down WP front fork replacement for OEM partnumber J9129.8, 45811-94Y
Buell XB S Sx SCG STT Throttle cable openOn request 
Buell XB S Sx SCG STT Throttle cable open Buell, XB Throttle cable , Throttle open, fits All Xb S/SX/Ss/STT/Scg Part number; N0307.1ADA
Buell 7/16-14x1,5 grade 8 chrome ( 1 x )€4,50  Add to cart 
Buell XB head mount bolt and BuellXBpinch bolt for swingarmSize: 7/16 - 14 x 1,5' grade 8. chrome Fits all Buell XB9/12 models from 2003-2010. sold per piece, 2 needed for head mount. 1 needed for pinch bolt. replaces partnumber AA0712.2CZB
Well nut oiltank Buell tube frame modelsOn request 
order93495A431 for replacement Well nut oiltank Buell tube frame models ( 1x) thread 5/16-18 sold a piece, replacement for partnumber Q0117.2
Buell X1 M2 S3 S3T rubber well nut 1/4-20On request 
Buell X1 M2 S3 S3T rubber well nut 1/4-20 Used on rear fender, Tank Cover, Rear Tail, Fairing Lower.Sold per piece. Used on the following models: CYCLONE - M2 THUNDERBOLT - S3 / S3T Lightning X1 1999-2001 replaces part numbers M0705.3 , 64511-63, 6596
FORK BRACE Buell M2€36,00  Add to cart 
FORK BRACE Buell M2 all model Obsolete limited spuly
Buell, Battery strap tube frameOn request 
Buell, Battery strap  tube frame Buell, Battery strap tube frame models ( exept 1996 S1 Original battery and S2 models )    original partnumber 66097-97Y last one !!
Buell S2 Brake pedal€197,00  Add to cart 
Buell S2 Brake pedal
Buell S1 fiberglas seat pan€155,00  Add to cart 
Buell S1 fiberglas seat pan IN STOCK a newly made replacement seat pan , so you can upholster and make your own seat for your S1 model as original seats are very hard to get, a good solution to replace or for custom S1 Builds comes with M8 seat screw
Steering limiters, PROTECTIVE PAD, black (1x)On request 
Tube frame steering limiters PROTECTIVE PAD, black ( 1x )
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