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Buell replacement regulator housing XB€155,00  Add to cart 
Buell replacement regulator housing XB tested and proofed, replacement Fuel pressure regulator housing comes with regulator and seal rubber to filter replacement for OEM part number P0080.3A8
Motul Boost and clean 200ml€17,23 €14,95  Add to cart 
Motul Boost and clean 200ml for Motorcycle use a very usefull Fuel additive A fuel additive to be added to gasoline, which can be used in all types of 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke motorcycle engines. Its powerful and dedicated formula allows both to increase the octane number and to clean the carburetors, injectors, valve...
TM Buell XB 9/12 REAR pulley 65T straight cut€299,00  Add to cart 
Twin Motorcycles Buell XB 9/12 aftermarket rear pully. straight cut spokes Fits all Buell XB 9/12 models 2004-2010. 65 tooth Pully.Black hard anodized for long lasting. Works with a 65 tooth rear sprocket and a 27 tooth front sprocket with G0500.1AAH belt. This will NOT WORK on 2003 models with the G0500.02A8R b...
Buell Ebr wheel axle spacer€36,00  Add to cart 
Buell Ebr wheel axle spacer for All XB / 1125 3 bearing rear wheels ( 2010 model ) Buell -EBR 1190 front wheel axle spacer can be used as replacement for OEM G0620.5AK
Buell XB Idler pully assambly XB12-9 S, R, Sx, Scg€253,78  Add to cart 
Buell XB Idler pully assambly XB12-9 S, R, Sx, Scg. It comes complete with all the hardware and bearings and complete installed. [KIT-PARTS] for all Buell XB Short models Black Bracket and Hard annodized Black idler belt pully wheel , with stainless spacers and c-clip replacement for OEM partnumberG0604.1AAA , G...
Buell XB9R/12R 2003-2010 Clutch cable€89,00  Add to cart 
Clutch cable for Buell XB 9 and 12 R models ( 2003- 2010 ) high Quality replacement clutch cable , teflon lined, hight quality outer cable adjuster, 2,5 mm stainless steel inner wire replacement for OEM 38627-02 , 3827-02A, 38627-02B, 38627-02C, 38627-02D
FITTING oil vent hose ALL€5,81  Add to cart 
FITTING oil vent hose ALL FITTING, oil vent hose 2003-XB9R FITTING, oil vent hose 2003-XB9S FITTING, oil vent hose XB9R/XB12R FITTING, oil vent hose XB9S/XB9SL/XB12S
Buell XB 9/12 oil line fitting 90 deg€6,58  Add to cart 
Buell XB, connector oil cooler line 90 deg. front off the engine. Sold per piece. Used on the following models: FIREBOLT XB12R - (1203cc) - 2004 FIREBOLT XB12R - (XB12R) - 2005 FIREBOLT XB12R - (XB12R) - 2006 FIREBOLT XB12R - (XB12R) - 2007 FIREBOLT XB9R - (984cc) - 2004 FIREBOLT XB9R - (XB9R) - 2003 FIREBOLT...
Buell fuel pump convoluted hose kit€16,47  Add to cart 
Buell fuel pump convoluted hose 160 mm L 8 mm diameter as used in the XB fuel pumps with 2 hose clamps
Buell Fuel tank breather Buell€18,00  Add to cart 
Buell tube frame fuel tank breather hose fuel tank breather hose for all tube frame models, Xb and 1125 fuel breather hose Sold by1 meter ( 39 inch ) needed aprocaly 1,5 meter ( +/- 60 inch ) for Tube frame for Xb about 1 meter ( replacement for HS0020.02A8B ) replacement forHO0406.B-60 used in Tube fra...
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