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EBR 1190 brake + clutch lever kit Titanium color€193,50
EBR 1190 Rx/Sx brake+ clutch lever kit Titanium color TÜVapproved, comes with vehicle type approval 6x adjuster for the gap to the handlebar adjustable lever-lenght(for 2to 4 finger) fixedfold-function easy to mount CNC milled extremely lightweight available in different colors
Buell, Left handle bar switch, tube 96-98 models€102,00
Buell, Left handle bar switch, For all tube frame models 96-98 models ( S1,M2,S3
LSL Infight lever guard , brake€77,00
LSL Infight lever guard , brake Infight Lever Guard For sport activities LSL developed the new racing lever guards. Introduced to being standard at international race events this kind of lever guard prevents brake lever contact with other race actors. A situation hit during cornering most time led to dangerous crashes...
X-Bar superbike handle bar 28,6 mm black€87,00
X-Bar 28,6mm in clamping range / 22,2mm at bar ends color Blackwith ABE./TUV X-Bar – the name says it all. This new handlebar, with 1 1/8“ diameter in the area with the highest loading, offers twice the bending resistance of a standard 22mm handlebar. These handlebars are made out of the high-strength alloy...
Buell replacement handgrips no flap 7/8 inch- 22mm€14,75
Buell replacement hand grips for the stock handle barwithout flap for Buell 7/8" handle bar - 22 mm Black construction:Injection-molded Krayton synthetic rubber Fitment:Handgrips 7/8" - 22 mmThese grips are made from the same material used in dirt bike and BMX grips: Kraton Rubber. They are softer and more c...
Buell repl. set grips with flap 7/8 inch - 22 mm€17,40
Buell replacement hand grips for the stock handle bar with flap, Black7/8 inch - 22 mm handle bar grips sold as pair Construction:Injection-molded Krayton synthetic rubber Fitment:handgrips 7/8". These grips are made from the same material used in dirt bike and BMX grips: Kraton Rubber. They are softer and mor...
buell parts online€0,00
Buell parts online For OEM Parts go here: For aftermarket parts go here: see For technical and install and maintenance articles go here:
Sportster and Buell XB S Cover Riser Silver€61,00
Sportster and Buell XB S Cover Riser Silver This part for the XR1200 and XR1200X & Buell 9/12 XBS and is designed to make possible to fit our dash board kit 209013 - 209015 to models with one piece riser mounted instruments or simply an aesthetic modification. Quick and easy to mount does not require any modificatio...
Kellermann handlebar turn signal BL 2000€82,35
Buell, Sportster and XR1200 and XR1200X bar end turn signals BL 2000 Dark.Included are the necessary adapters for mounting on all standard motorcycles handlebars included. The BL 2000 further expands the Dark Design range with a small handlebar end turn indicator which elegantly completes the line of the bars. Its tinted...
Buell XB9/12 Airo adjustable levers€189,00
Buell XB9/12 Airo adjustable levers. For all Buerll XB 9/12 R/S models with the 6 piston brake systems ( ZTL ) please mention color combination when ordering Adjustable motorcycle levers by Oberon Performance. Adjustment is achieved with fingertip control in either adjuster direction. The eight adjustments are eit...
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