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Buell and Sportster Crank repair pressed bigend

Product number:T020  

Price excl. VAT:€ 899,00
Product description

Buell and Sportster Crank repair pressed big end pin. For all Buell X1, M2, S3, S3T, 1999- up models and all Buell XB9-12 from 2003-2007, and Sportster models 1999-up. 

We could already offer to repair a flywheel, as a new pressed crank is very expensive, but we felt we could do it better, and make it stronger after the repair then you can buy in the current market. 

price inclused ;

  • taking apart the flywheel
  • mounting and hone new Rod Races
  • mounting and aline the crank and welding it
  • Custom made Big End Pin
  • Big End lager
  • Rod Races
  • Flywheel washers

We really felt we needed to make this better, as the fix we had was good, but was only a little improvement  over the new stock crank,

Now we can repair the old Buell bolted crancked flywheels and the Sportster versions (THAT ARE NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE)

We made special tooling for every size pin. We are using in our newly made big end pin a high quality tough steel so this makes this tough enough to take the punishment from a Buell rider, and give a good bearing surface hardness to last longer.

Our solution is tougher than the stock big end pin ( where the stock pin is only surface hardened and this layer can be deformed and will peel off ) and will cause engine damage. 

We guarantee a perfect repaired Crank assembly , better than New and it will last a lot longer then the OEM.

shipping cost is not included

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