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S&S flywheel assemblies for 1986-'03 XL / Buell

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Product description

S&S flywheel assemblies for 1986-’03 Sportster / Buell tube frame models

S&S flywheel assemblies for 1986-’03 Sportster models are of five piece design and feature a large tapered sprocket shaft and pinion shaft. Since the stock flywheels for these engines do not have removable mainshafts, S&S engineers designed the pinion shaft with the same larger, stronger taper as the sprocket shaft. Why put your engine back together with stock flywheels when you can upgrade to S&S quality?
Features and Benefits:

  • CNC machined from heat-treated, closed die, steel forging
  • Stronger than cast iron or late style steel flywheels
  • 5-piece design—easily rebuilt with standard flywheel fixtures and tools
  • Unassembled balanced flywheels are balanced by the static method
  • Assembled flywheels are dynamic balanced after assembly using our American-Hofmann® dynamic balancing machine unless otherwise specified
    Kit Contents
  • Flywheels
  • Pinion shaft and sprocket shaft
  • Connecting rods
    NOTE: Pinion and oil pump drive gears in 1988-’03 models must be replaced with early style gears
    Must order replacement Part Number(s) for Pinion shaft and Oil Pump Gear and pinion gear  (09320148 & 09320147 & 750077 ) contact us about this

S&S flywheels for two-cylinder 1994-’02 Buell models. Although similar to flywheels
for Sportster® models, these flywheels are knife edged and lightened. This design
offers these advantages:
• Knife edging is a proven design used in race motors to make the flywheels 'shed'
oil more quickly to reduce drag at high rpm.
• Knife edging and lightening increases effective crankcase volume and reduces the
flywheel assembly weight by 2-4 lbs. Increased crankcase volume results in better
oil control, effectively reducing friction and heat, as well as helping to control oil
carry over. Reduced weight results in faster revving and higher top rpm capability.
• All S&S flywheels for Sportster and Buell models feature removable mainshafts for
easy rebuilding. In addition, the S&S pinion shaft is the 1986-’87 splined design,
which is much stronger than the stock pinion shaft, allowing the use of higher lift
cams and stronger valve springs.

Lightened flywheels are not recommended for Sportster models with solid
mounted engines due to increased vibration and loss of low rpm torque.
S&S pinion shafts for 1986-’03 Sportster® models are the splined 1986-’87 style.
Pinion and oil pump drive gears in 1988-’03 models must be replaced with early
style gears.
Complete S&S Flywheel assemblies will fit up to 2003 model year engines.
However, the flywheels are compatible with stock crankpins up to 1999 only.
Stock stroke flywheels are balanced to stock weight pistons
These flywheels will not fit 2003-up Buell® models.

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