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Battery monitor 2 for Lithium battery

Product number:706.05.59  

Price excl. VAT:€ 27,22
Product description

JMP Skan Monitor 2 Lithium

see here for Lead acid or Gel Battery monitor 2 

Battery monitoring with your smartphone:

  • With the JMP Skan Monitor 2 and the new and free Apple or Android app "JMP BatteryMonitor II" you are able to check the state of charge of your battery quickly and easily.
  • Only when the battery has a consistent, positive state of charge is its full capacity and usability guaranteed.
  • The positive state of charge also prevents possible premature damage or failure of the battery.
  • The battery's state of charge is recorded continuously during journeys and can also be called up later.
  • The file with the data can be sent by email from the smartphone and displayed in Excel.
  • Thus, one can quickly see where the charging voltage has collapsed or was too high.
  • A defective regulator can be quickly identified via this.
  • In addition, the new app can also be used to check starting processes (starter motor, cable connections, etc.) and charging processes (alternator, cables, etc.) in detail.
  • This saves lengthy troubleshooting in the event of a problem.
  • In case of low battery or other problems, a notification can warn the driver, depending on the setting in the app options.
  • After simply connecting to the battery using fork eyes and downloading the new Android or Apple app, the current voltage value can be retrieved.

Please note:

  • The transmitter can be used for 12 V batteries and is only suitable for lithium batteries!
  • The new JMP Skan Monitor 2 requires the new free app "JMP BatteryMonitor II"!
  • Free app please download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store under JMP Battery Monitor II.
  • The connection is made via Bluetooth. (Only from Bluetooth 4.0; e.g. from iPhone 4s, iPad3 or iPod Touch 5).
  • The range is about 10 meters.


  • The JMP Skan Monitor 2 is ideal for detecting overvoltage > 14.9 V of the alternator, for example, before damage to the battery occurs.
  • If the voltage falls below the minimum voltage, it will indicate that the battery needs to be recharged soon.
  • Simple attachment to the battery by means of forked eyelets.
  • Current consumption only approx. 2 mA.
  • No damage to the transmitter or battery in case of reverse polarity.
  • Download free app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store under JMP Battery Monitor II.
  • Voltage recording even while driving, result can be sent by email (display of file in Excel possible).
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