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Product description


The Dyna 2000i Programmable is the standard in digital ignition. Will fit all 70-99 Big Twin models (excl. Twin Cam) and 71-03 Sportster.  The module is simply adjustable with switches, nothing else required. If your want more... it is fully programmable & records data with the, optional available, programming kit and harness. Other features include an intelligent overvoltage/overcurrent protection, a short circuit protection and an adjustable retard timing. Note 1: It is recommended to use ignition modules & coils of the same manufacturer. Intermixing different brands may cause premature failure. Coil must be within range of 2.5 to 3.5 ohms. Carbon, graphite or spiral core type suppression spark plug wires are required. Do not use copper core wires. Note 2: Dyna does not offer the ignition rotor.

The OEM Harley rotor (OEM 32402- 83) and mounting bolt (OEM 2611B) should be re-used or ordered separately as 920402 rotor & bolt kit.

Ignition module 902538 Dyna 2000i Programmable ignition module Optional The module is adjustable with switches, like the earlier 2000i,

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