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XR1200 Service kit 8000 service

Product number:XR1200Servicekit8000all  

Price excl. VAT:€ 76,32
Product description

Twin Motorcycles Service Kit for the 8000 km / 5000 mile maintenance Small service kit For

All XR1200 ( X )  models from 2008- up 

We have put to getter a complete small maintenance part kit for your XR1200 ( X )  for all model years

This kit contains the following parts:

Product numberPart name
970801KN170Buell Tube frame , XR1200 black oil filter KN-1701x
MO836441Motul 7100 20w50 synthetic engine oil, 4 liter1x
DCPR9ENgk spark plug DCPR9E Buell XB XR1200 ( x1 )2x

this article is always in stock,

Small or 8000 km / 5000 mile service

We advice to change engine oil and filter,
And it is best to run the engine a little warm before you drain the engine oil,
 Fill the new oil filter with a little oil ( +/- 0.1 liter ) and lubricate the oil filter  gasket o-ring  with a little new oil before you screw it on.

After warm up check the oil level and top it up.
Replace the spark plugs, spark plug gap needs to be 0,9 mm , use a little never seas on the spark plug threats 
Check or adjust the primary chain tension, check the belt for ware and cracks,
Check the wheel bearings , front and rear , use a paddock stand to feel the bearings
Check your brake pads, for thickness , replace brake fluid at least every year
Check the clutch cable for ware in the clutch lever and check  for right adjustment,
Check the throttle on easy turning without sticking and not too much play 

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