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Midlock sparkplug threath repair kit

Product number:283-5  

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Product description

Midlock, Sparkplug threath repair kit

reamer-tap with 2 M12X1,25-17 thread inserts 

inserts are also sold as spare part 283-D

and are way much better solution than using helicoils, because the full metal insert , and will leave a normal to service spark plug thread

For fast and easy repair of damaged Spark plug screw thread openings in aluminum cylinder heads. Quite often the original screw thread appears to be so heavily damaged,

that only replace- ment offers a good solution.

Midlock supplies time saving and very economical tool sets for this job. Quick repair without having to dismantle the cylinderhead.

this Spark plug screw thread repair sets contain a reamer - tap and 2 inserts. size M12x1.25-17

for all Buell Tube frame models, All Xb models, All XR1200 ( X ) models, and all XL 86- up models


Manual revision spark plug tool
1. First check the shop manual for
removing the spark plug.
2. Rotate the crankshaft until the piston to the
fix cylinder exhaust stroke position.
The exhaust valve is then opened. You ensure
enough space between the cylinder and
top piston for a free range for the reamer-tap to not though the piston
3. Turn the tap into the wider-defective spark plug
with a thin-walled 16 mm bougiedopsleutel
(5 / 8) to avoid the risk that an ordinary
wrench. Make sure that the reamer-tap is
not screwed in crooked!  You unscrew the reamer-tap until the very end of the wire into the
faulty spark plug thread.
4. Turn the reamer-tap from the spark plug. blow
with a long, thin air gun by
spark plug hole in the cylinder. This
disappear easily through the metal particles
the open exhaust valve.
5. screw the new spark plug with some never seas in the appropriate insert. The thread should be slightly shorter than the spark plug threads.
6. Tighten the spark plug and insert as a whole in the new spark plug hole 
7. Remove all tools.
8. After connecting the spark plug cable, you can
start the engine. the insert will lock it self during use off the engine

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