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XR1200-XR1200X Front Fairing

Product number:XR1200FrontFairing  
Price excl. VAT:On request
Obsolete part:Please contact us for replacement alternatives.
Product description

Twin Motorcycles developed this front fairing with Jeff from the USA.

The progress of the development of this XR1200 Front Fairing can be found HERE.

It is a 2 bolt construction as you can see in the pictures. It comes with all the hardware needed to mount and fit.

The finish is matt and needs to make ready for painting.

THIS PART IS NOT PAINTED. and needs to be prepaired for painting

The holes in the fairing need to be drilled at 6mm (1/4 inch.)

We didn't predrill the holes on purpose (they are marked) cause people maybe like a different position of the fairing and then the predrilled holes are a problem.

We think that we have a very classic looking fairing to fit your XR1200 and made with XR1200 people who love there Bike.

All the hardware is included and the fairings have a matt black finish now. NO EXTRA HARDWARE NEEDED.

This kit contains the following parts:

Product numberPart name
TMBA0409.6BLBlack wear washer self retaining 1x4x
TM-M0705.3Buell X1 M2 S3 S3T rubber well nut 1/4-20( x1)4x
12460080001M8 nyloc flange nut sold a piece2x
52530.080.001M8 washer ( 1x ) stainless4x
01200.080.055M8 x 55 Hex bolt zinc 8.82x
tebo001mounting bracket XR1200 front fairing1x
Tebo001-1Powder coating TEBO001 bracket ( 1 x )1x
97654A264Stainless Steel Flanged Button Head Screw 1/4-204x
xr1200frontfairingpartXR1200X front fairing1x

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