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XR 1200 Risers Block, rear suspention

Product number:FS209001  

Price excl. VAT:€ 168,62
Product description

XR 1200 Risers Block, rear suspension

Although the XR1200 may be sporty by H-D standards, it is still a long way from being and handling like a modern sports bike.

When the XR1200 race bikes were developed in Europe, they came up with the idea of using solid spacer blocks to raise the rear ride height by around 2' in order to quicken the steering, improve the handling and improve ride height.

We have taken this same idea and, using our own test bike, have developed and fine tuned the riser blocks so that they are lighter, stronger and better looking than the original race parts.

The original riser blocks used in the Spanish and Italian race series weighed 0.75kg each, ours now weigh just 0.15kg each. These are manufactured from aerospace grade aluminium and anodized in black. Passenger footrests and associated hangers need to be removed in order to fit these blocks, as they use the same mounting positions on the frame as the original passenger footrest brackets. If you are using the stock or aftermarket exhaust pipes that attach to the passenger footrest then a new exhaust mount will need to be fabricated therefore we build code 206902. For use with stock or aftermarket suspension units. Supplied as a full kit including two riser blocks, mounting bolts and new upper shock bolts. Please Note: These blocks are designed for race use and have not been tested or warranted for use on public highways. They will significantly quicken the steering and alter the handling lease take care when first riding the bike with these parts fitted.

RACE use only!! please order FS206902 ( passenger foot pegs / exhaust mounting point ), iff you need a stock like Exhaust mount

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