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XR1200 Oil Catch can

Product number:TWoilxr1200  
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Obsolete part:Please contact us for replacement alternatives.
Product description

When I took the air box off last time to get the flapper out of the air box, I noticed that the vent hose for the Head ventilation, was a 2-1 system. They did it the same way as Buell was doing returning the oil in the throttle body. What I didn't like is that the vent hose is disturbing my airflow too the throttle body, because it was laying on top off the hole there. (here is also a good point for making a new air box for getting more air in the throttle body (I will come back on this subject when I test them on my dyno) As somebody who loves making nice fuel maps, I don't like a system putting moister, oil, or other stuff in my with love adjusted throttle body. So I took off the gasoline tank, removed the air box, took out the 2 breather bolds in the front and rear cylinder head and looked at them.... MMhhhh really small holes in there, I drilled them up to 4 mm, and then used 1/4 Oil hose to the breather, just for better breathing and too be sure it is not possible too get anything in the way for breathing as it should be. I also like too see how much oil is getting out of the system. We tested these catch cans for a long period and they are now monkey proof as we say in the Netherlands, We use a 10 Bar resistant glass, to keep it from not braking.. The complete article is here: XR1200 tuning

Key features off our catch can: - Very easy to see the amount off oil collected, - Horizontal or vertical mounting possible, - The hose connectors switchable for a nicer routing off the hoses, - Free breathing system, with a oil separator, - Position off the drain plug can be turned 360 deg. For the most optimal position

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