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XR1200 complete stage 1 kit, niet meer verkopen

Product number:Twinstage1xr1200  
Price excl. VAT:On request
Obsolete part:Please contact us for replacement alternatives.
Product description

Here is our XR1200 complete stage 1 kit FOR ORDERING the only complete kit on the market for your XR1200. This kit is always in stock.

This kit is a bolt on KIT that guarantees a 200% good and save riding bike. If you look at our Torque dynograph, it is the only kit that gives you this flat amount of torque till 6000 RPM.

This kit includes the following parts:

1 x Black XR1200 Torque Hammer full exhaust 

1 x TTS XR1200 MasterTune ECM programming tool

1 x TTS, XR1200 USB mastertune connecting kit

1 x  XR1200, K&N High performance airfilter

1 x Twin Motorcycles famous fuelmap

This Kit makes when the engine is in a good condition:

With db-killer 92.1 HP and 110 NM of Torque

No db-killer 89.9 HP and 109 NM of Torque

The development of the kit and the exhaust can be found here


with all the details and testing results. You will never find this at another exhaust manufacturers shop (-:


This kit is a bold on kit, you install the TTS Software from the CD, make a update on the internet for the latest version (very simple), then make a backup from your stock ECM, so you can always program it back and after that you upload my famous fuelmap we mail you for free after the purchase.


This fuel map guarantee you a 1 liter on 20-25 km fuel consumption and a lifetime free updates from us if we improve our current tune. This tunes uses also the 2 02 sensors. So no more problems with altitudes differences and different weather types.


We have customers riding in Europe, Japan, China, Indonesia, USA without a complain.


For questions about this kit please mail

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