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Motogadget, mo.lock digital NFC ignition switch

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Product description

Motogadget, mo.lock digital NFC ignition switch

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a variation of RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) and extremely tamper-proof. The mo.lock digital ignition switch is used to switch the ignition on/off to a distance up to approx. 20 to 40mm. The mechanical ignition switch can be replaced by the mo.lock ignition switch, allowing a hidden mount for a clean look. It can directly switch an automotive relay of up to 40A. It comes with 2 'keys', additional keys can be purchased separately and 'learn' to switch the mo.lock. The mo-lock NFC has an RGB LED on the front which indicates the status by color. Standby current in switched-off mode is only 3.2 mA, reduces to 1.5 mA after 16 hours and after 8 days to 0.75 mA, for battery protection. The mo.lock NFC (32mm diameter x 12mm high without terminals) comes with an automotive 40A relay, mount bracket, 2 NFC keys and detailed instructions.

- NFC technology is tamper-resistant

- Each key has a unique code

- The key first activates the mo.lock without touching it and then, via the relay, the entire on-board system

- Neither key nor mo.lock NFC suffer from mechanical wear

- The key requires no battery

- No overload or scorched pins possible due to indirect switching via the 40A main relay

- The mo.lock NFC is very compact an can be mounted hidden in many places

- Water tight and vibration resistant because of the moulded-in construction

- Keys can be easily purchased and 'learned' to any mo.lock NFC - your integrated locksmith

- A switching distance of 2 - 4 cm ensures convenient switching while excluding the possibility of accidental engagement

- An integrated RGB-LED shows the status of the mo.lock while switching, connecting and 'teaching' new keys

Transmitter/receiver, diameter of installed assembly: 32 mm

Height: 12 mm without terminals and bracket

Weight incl. cable: approx. 35 g

Mounting threads: 1 x M3 threaded hole on back side

Operating voltage: 8V - 18V

Operating temperature: -20 °C to +80 °C.

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