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Buell 1125R/CR Service kit 10000 km service

Product number:1125Servicekit10000  

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Product description

Twin Motorcycles Service Kit for the 10000 km / 6200 mile maintenance Small service kit For All Buell 1125R and 1125CR  models from 2008-2010.

We have put together a complete small maintenance kit for your Buell 1125R or 1125CR for all model years from 2008-2010.

This kit contains the following parts:

Product numberPart name
13005640-07120354Buell 1125 & EBR 1190 Oil filter kn-5641x
TM-Q0092.1AMBuell 1125R/CR Seal ring oil drain plug, Left side1x
TM-Q0091.1AMBuell 1125R/CR Seal ring oil drain right side1x
MO836111Motul, 300V 10W40 4t engine oil,1L3x
10027332O-ring oil filter cover Buell / EBR 1190/11251x

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Small or 10000 km / 6200 mile service
We advice to change engine oil and filter,
And it is best to run the engine a little warm before you drain the engine oil, lubricate the oil filter housing  o-ring  with a little new oil before you screw it back on.

Use a new crush rings on the drain plugs ,and tighten 

please see your manual how to check your oil level
Check the belt for ware and cracks,
Check the wheel bearings , front and rear , use a paddock stand to feel the bearings
Check your brake pads, for thickness , replace brake fluid at least every year
Check the clutch mechanisme for leaks.
Check the throttle on easy turning without sticking and not too much play 
Check front fork and rear shock absorber for weeping seals
Check the engine for oil leaks,
Check and clean the airfilter, and clean the airfilter box from debri,

Check the coolant system for leaks, and Check the level

Check and clean the radiators, 

reset the service counter Buell 1125 Models.

A reset causes the service odometer to advance to the next service interval. Any service reminder messages displayed during startup are also cleared.

With ignition key ON and security system disarmed, enter the setup menu by pressing and holding the Toggle and Mode switches for five seconds.

See Resetting the Service Odometer. Press the Mode switch to advance to the SERVICE COUNTER menu item. Press the Toggle switch to select.

Press the Toggle switch to display MODE TO RESET.

Pressing the Toggle switch again will exit the Service Clear menu item without resetting the service odometer. A SERVICE NOT RESET message will be displayed.

To reset the service odometer, press the Mode switch. A SERVICE RESET message is displayed.

The setup menu will advance to the next menu item. To exit the setup menu, click the Mode switch until the Exit menu item is displayed. Click the Toggle switch to exit the setup menu.

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