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Buell 1125 stage 2 kit 180 HP and 125 NM of TQ

Product number:1125stage2
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» Buell 1125 stage 2 kit 180 HP and 125 NM of TQ

Product description

In this article you can follow the progress of the development of our Stage 2 kit. We are developing at the moment for the 1125.

It will be a bold on kit. It will make 180 HP and 125 NM of Torque. We are testing all the parts at Bonneville at the salt flats. Look here  for the adventure: 

Our Goal is to keep the stock cylinders no big bore so it is way cheaper to develop and maintain and you still can be competitive on the race track.

- heads done (no flowing) only better parts (we trade the old ones or sell new)

- new pistons

- new valves

- new cams

- new rods and bolts

- programmed ECM for this setup

We will develop a new complete exhaust system, we have to see because of all the sound rules on the track that are getting heavier how that will work out.

Soon more to come.

and we will complete it with a ECM.

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